Day 1: What a send off!

What a brilliant send off! Ric Forlano, the MC, kept us on time and on track.

The live performance of Voice Male, though slightly diminished by half of their members being in Adelaide for another performance, still put on a fantastic performance. They sang ‘Walk with Me’ and ‘Please, Please Don’t Go’, such befitting and brilliantly performed songs.

Bill Johnstone, President of Fremantle Men’s Shed, took the opportunity to mention the 10th anniversary of Fremantle Men’s Shed. Bill does such an incredible job of running such a commendable organisation; he truly is the perfect example of a quiet achiever.

Mayor of Fremantle, Brad Pettit, gave a flattering speech on some of my past accomplishments. Our state MP Simone McGurk gave an interesting speech on a conversation we had over a year ago. Her long memory must be what makes her such an effective politician.

My personal highlight was the blessing of the chariot and myself and the laying on of hands. The weight of those hands gave me such an overwhelming feeling of love and support. Ron the Priest is a good friend of mine, as he joins in on our Friday walking group and had just completed the Santiago Compostella Walk with Cynthia.

The Walk started at 9am with quite a big crowd that slowly dwindled throughout the day. One extremely hardy person made it all the way to City Beach- Peta, one of my Wednesday and Friday walking friends. He made for very pleasant company on the first day of my journey.

I made it to Scarborough at 4:30pm where my wife, MaryEllen took care of me. I figure I walked approximately 22kms today.

One thought on “Day 1: What a send off!

  1. Your blog is letting us know where you are, and also a little bit about the shape of each dayand about the people you meet.Thank you for the blog. it must take a bit of effort, at the eand of a day’s walk, to start typing up a blog. What an undertaking!


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