Day 12: On the Road to Greenhead

I spent Tuesday night with Drew, the treasurer at Jurien Bay Men’s Shed, and he treated me like a king. I used his scales and have lost 6kg so walking should get easier on the arthritic ankles and knees. It was very hot walking so not a lot of progress. The power was out in the whole town so the talk with the children at school did not happen. All shops were closed, including the post office, chemist and IGA. That adds to the difficulties. But I met lots of generous people on my way through town.

Frank O’Neill came up to see me, starting out at 5am from Fremantle. That was great, mate. We had breakfast together and hot tea is always a blessing for me. He brought up some equipment for the still-not-operating computer but it’s stubbornly still not operating. I’m hoping that it’s just that it hasn’t had a chance to charge properly.

Today I started walking at 1.30am. I fell over and a guy came and helped me up so I rested under a tree for three hours. A Jehovah’s Witness came by and gave me some reading material. I was taking the Brand highway and a young guy named Brett sat down for a beer and a talk with me. He said this way was an extra 100 miles to Geraldton. So now I’m heading for Greenhead, where I hope to meet Ken from the Menshed.

8 thoughts on “Day 12: On the Road to Greenhead

  1. * of us on our Wednesday walk this morning Mike. We caught the cat bus to South Fremantle, meant to take a photo of us (walking group on the bus). Had our coffee at South Beach and then most of us walked back to Freo. Frank gave us all your update. You are in all our hearts.


  2. Hi Mike! Was great to met you this morning 20/3/14 you made it to Gero! I think what you are doing is Awesome and I’m sure hundreds of people agree with me. Keep up the good work! 🙂


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