The Generosity of Strangers

Lancelin: I met Gary of Lancelin Auto Electrics along the road and he said to call in when I get to 17 kw.  I thought this must be an electrical term until I discovered there was a road called KW. 

Gary set me up in his shed with a fan, a shower and best of all a toilet. He fed me breakfast as I had been walking most of the night. It was going to be a 40degree day so I slept most of the day out of the heat. Thanks, Gary. Vunda, Gary’s partner, did my washing.  I would give the highest bravery award to anyone who goes near my laundry.

Uda and David Crook from Truro in the UK gave me a donation and provided a stamp so I could send it to the UK.   Like most of the people that take the trouble to stop, they are exceptionally lovely, positive people.  David has been to the Pinnacles four times; I am ashamed to say I never have been.

Brett McAlinden of Lancelin wanted to give me some meat and I confessed I was a Vego; so off he went and came back with cheese, honey wraps etc etc.  I am overwhelmed by his and other people’s generosity. Thanks, Brett.

Adam and Silvie up to Jurien visiting from Vic Park made me a cup of tea during the power outage at Jurien Bay. Andy, just finished psych at uni, I think was intrigued. I then went and had a really good vegetarian pastie, probably cooked prior to the power outage. I recommend it.

I ran into and shared shade with a travelling Fiesta!  I think all Spanish and extremely fun-loving.  We took photos together which I  will post when I get my act together. Will send a card to Carzilo. 

Men’s Sheds

I spoke to Tony Miller of the Woodbridge Mens Shed.  It was not their day so we had a nice chat. I was royally looked after by the St John’s Ambulance volunteers who invited me for dinner.   Apparently there one token vegetarian had not shown up so I got her lovely nut rissoles and salad. Luck’s a fortune.

Thanks to Anne at the Post Office for the water. And the lovely Dog Training lady who organised the meal.

Then I camped out in the park and you would not believe I could be so dumb as to fall for the sprinkler trick again.

Jurien Bay Mens Shed was ably represented by Drew, their Treasurer.  He looked after me a treat. My first bed and good night’s sleep since I left. It seemed strange not be woken up in the middle of the night with sprinklers. Real bliss comes after walking for days without a shower and then like a holy blessing you are clean.

I loved talking to Drew; he is such a sensible person.  I wish I had been more like him as a young man.

At Green Head Mens Shed I had a cuppa a with Ken who arranged to open the shed especially with Trevor, the secretary, and Lawrence. Their Shed was donated by Iluka Mines. One of their staff disassembled it and put it back together. They – that is the guys in the shed – poured a new slab, finished and reclad the building.  You’ve got to be impressed with that sort of organisation.

My Inspiration

Terrance Stanley Fox was born in Winnipeg in July 1958.  The family moved to British Columbia. After losing his right leg to cancer in October 15 1979, he announced he would run across Canada to raise money to fight the disease.

On April 12 1980 he started in Newfoundland, beginning his ‘’Marathon of Hope”.

Terry met his idol Darryl Sittler of the Maple Leafs.  The Marathon raised $100,000 in a single day.

August 5th 1980 Terry Fox reached Sudbury Ontario – the halfway point on his planned route across Canada……. To be continued.


6 thoughts on “The Generosity of Strangers

  1. Great commentary Mike, we are very happy to see you back on the road doing things for others as is your nature. I hope to catch up with you when we get closer.
    You are an inspiration.


  2. Hi Mike,

    It is great that others are being so kind to you on the way. Your generosity of spirit is bringing out the best in all the lives you touch. What a wonderful way to live.

    Trish and Andy Menzies.



  3. Hi Mike,

    I have just read your generous stories below. You must be making it up. There aren’t that many wonderful people in such a small place. Fantastic really. We love reading your news and hope your God is kind to you. Life in Freo goes on. This morning is Wednesday walk day. I’m reminding you because I’m sure all your days just days and don’t have names like Wednesday etc. We are off to Moores and Moores for a new exhibition and of course coffee and discourse around a table. I’m sure you will be one of the subjects of the day. You usually are.

    Monday (you remember Mondays) saw about 12 of us Voicemailers getting ready for Earth Hour this coming Saturday. Its the usual gig at Hilton Harvest. Keep an ear out for us at about 7.00pm. You may hear us.

    OK. Take care and keep that noble chin up.

    Love from Paul and Pat W.

    ps. Got the postcard. Thanks.


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