Day 19: The Troubles of a Burst Tyre!

I got to Leeman Caravan Park and was looked after very well by Annette and Darrell, the managers there. It was a good opportunity to sort my stuff – which I think I will be doing till I get home.

15 kms down the road after I left Leeman I camped out. Next morning I got up at the usual time to start walking – 4 am.
HORROR!!! flat TYRE in terrible shape. Although it was supposed to be puncture proof all the outer casing was missing or could be wiped off by hand. I tried repairs 6 times, putting the tyre on and off each time.

I finally decided to put the buggy in the bushes and hitch back to the service station with tube in hand. So to speak. The man at the service station put slime in the tube and as it turned out too much. It exploded at the valve.

At this stage I rang MaryEllen and before I could say anything she was in the car driving all the way out. God bless MaryEllen; once more she saved my bacon.
On to Dongara where I met the usual good generous people, offering me cold drinks etc.

At Dongara I met Matt Duffy (a remarkable man) and his friend Jim. I stayed very pleasantly with Matt. What makes Matt remarkable apart from being the Secretary and founder of the Dongara Menshed is that he was in 3 Scottish regiments, one of them being the Argyle Sutherland Highlanders – my father’s regiment. Also they were both from London. Also he was a trainer for Chelsea and head trainer for South Fremantle Football club. He now organises the ANZAC day march in Dongara – a very active man. I also spoke to Graham Roberts – I think President of Dongara.

This is all I can manage tonight I am off to bed.
Good night lovely people.

2 thoughts on “Day 19: The Troubles of a Burst Tyre!

  1. For “all I can manage”, Mike, you’re doing very well with blogging. I’d be flat out cobbling together six words at the end of the day.Well done. Marina


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