Day 20: The Geraldton Milestone.


I started the day at Double Beach, a beautiful part of the country. These are places most car drivers would be going too fast to find. I put myself in that category in the past.
We changed plans and did the interview for ABC Radio at 7am; it would go to air later. I went to visit all the staff in Geraldton. Although we were 15 minutes late, they all waited when they normally finish at 12 noon. They are very charming people. Chris is meeting me at Friday to do a story for “Open” .

As I walked in to Geraldton I met at Gull SS Ross (the President), his partner Nancy, Bill (the Secretary), Phil (the Treasurer). So we had a Menshed Meeting.
Later I met Bob, Greg and Richard at their shed. Their show room is quite something that brings in a steady income. They – like a lot of sheds – have to move for expansion.
Bill took me to get a blood test . Ross took me to vote absentee and by a new pair of shorts at Red Cross op shop. I will have to lose more weight before I can fit them. Incidentally, I have now lost 7 kgs.

G Shed have generously arranged a cabin for the night.
I met a man yesterday called David who twice got out of his car to push my buggy up the hill in his bare feet. He picked up rubbish from the side of the road as he went – a most inspiring man. I’d have liked to spend more time with him.

LeeAnne, the Manager of Double Beach Caravan Park, gave me the night in a cabin and a substantial donation – what a generous lady.

3 thoughts on “Day 20: The Geraldton Milestone.

    • At the moment it’s looking like Wolf Creek there is a Polish woman gone missing up here around Monkey Mia.
      Told her Sister I would do all I could but it could never be enough.


  1. You are meeting such interesting people. I guess light draws light. I am in the UK by myself at present and I also have met some very interesting people. Everyone is so very friendly over here too. I think people on the whole like to show good will toward others. I a glad you got the tyre sorted. That happened very early on in your trek but I guess that is better than happening later on. Continued good wishes for your trek. Trish Menzies.

    Sent by: Trish Menzies 0425814583

    “What lies behind us & what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us”



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