My Inspiration.

Terry Fox:

September 1 1980
Terry was forced to stop his run outside Thunder Bay, Ontario. Doctors discovered that cancer had spread to his lungs.

September 2 1980
The CEO of Four Seasons Hotels and resorts planned an annual charity run in Terry’s name.

September 9 1980
Canadian CTV network broadcast a star-studded Telethon which lasted 5 hours and raised $10 million.
Terry watched from his hospital bed.

September 18 1980
Terry became the youngest inductee into the Order of Canada. He later won the Lou Marsh Award for Athletic achievement.

February 1 1981
Terry’s hope of raising one dollar from every citizen is realised. Canada’s population reached 24.1 million; fundraising totalled $24.17 million

June 28 1981
Terry Fox died at Royal Columbia Hospital in BC one month short of his 23rd birthday.

June 30 1999
Terry Fox was voted Canada’s greatest all time hero. Fredrick Banting, the discoverer of insulin comes in second.

September 16 ,2005
More than 3 million students from 9000 schools participated in the first annual Terry Fox National School Run Day.

September 19, 2010
The International Terry Fox Annual Run has raised $550 million for cancer research.

One thought on “My Inspiration.

  1. Hi Mike. I am finally hooked into your blog. Great to hear of your adventures. Burst tires! The most unexpected of troubles but good to know that is now fixed.
    What r u eating (apart from hospitable meals) and how r u replenishing your supplies?
    While u r doing the hard yards (and miles) I am leading a charmed life having spent a week at Margaret River and heading back there soon
    English conversation classes which I do with PETA are fun snd apart from that life is ticking along nicely. Rain last night and today is very welcome
    Take care. Cheers



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