7 thoughts on “Geraldton Guardian

  1. Many decades ago when I threw in a lame attempt to start a nursing career and thought I might become a journalist for the Geraldton Guardian but that didn’t transpire.
    I paticularly lived the table top hills around Geraldton
    Cheers Mike. Watch out for J walkers!



  2. Hi Mike,
    I am up early reading all your posts before heading off to our last aqua class at the High School pool. The new Leisure Centre Pool will be open in 2 weeks time. I will pass on your news to the Aqua people. Your name is often mentioned with people asking how you are doing. Sounds like you are having a great time seeing some amazing places. I envy you seeing all those sunsets and sunrises. I don’t envy you the sore feet and the flies though.
    All the best


    • Hi Christine

      Sending love to all Aquanauts. Enjoyed the short time at SFHHS pool but envious of you all getting back to gether with old friends.

      I am in Billabong for a short time.Love


      Sent from Windows Mail


  3. “lo mate, singing without you there on my left. We are going to Denmark by the way. Don’t forget to work out where you will be for Anzac day. Cheers, Sean Burke


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