Resting by the Billabong.

Day 30
30-31 March
I am waiting for “Australia All Over” to ring back. Kelly’s voice is so soothing, it helps overcome any fears I have.
Last night about 5.30pm I walked into Billabong at last, completing the 40km in 40 degree heat by my little thermometer. Was I tired! I went into Car’s Caffe in the hotel and had breakfast – the only meal I had that day. The manager said after I had eaten that I could have a night at the campground in the caravan park and he would leave everything open.

I went next door to get a tyre repair kit as I had run out. This was not to fix a tyre but my self-deflating mattress. I have been sleeping for the last fortnight on hard and stony ground. That was to make me sound heroic; it wasn’t really that bad. Anyway, they didn’t have one so I will put up with it for a little longer.
I trudged back to the hotel/campsite to find it all locked up.
At this point I was a little tired and cranky so I went next door to the service station where the rooms were $70-75 so I could recover my normal niceness. They – bless them – gave me the room for nothing. Hallelujah and all’s well.
My next door neighbours at the motel – Ann and Ross Eyre from Onslow – always stay here because it is perfect for their needs. It is clean, comfortable, the toilets are meticulously cared for and the air conditioning works. And it’s halfway between Perth and Onslow. I had an interesting conversation with them and they generously gave a donation.
I just got on to Macca at “Australia All Over”. I’m not sure what I said; not very much, I suspect. My little radio does not work out here.
I am now en route to Overlander.
I took the day off to take care of business. I sent 32 postcards to people who have helped me get this far with body and soul intact. It was too hot to walk so the plan was to sit in an air-conditioned roadhouse all day and walk tonight. But I yielded without much struggle when I was offered another free night.
A comfortable bed when you have been sleeping on rocks is more tempting than any siren’s song. I said to myself, “I will get up early to walk.” I set the alarm Sunday morning at 4am to make sure I got onto Macca. We may be able to get the recording onto the blog; we have done this in the past.
So I will see how much discipline I have left. The end of the month has come and I am pleased with my progress, considering all the” troubles”, which turn out to be advantages.

I have learned to manage my blisters, which are really nature’s way of getting the feet prepared for more challenges, in the hot climate.

My water management is under control I accept anything cool and wet and beer only late in the evening.

I have spare tyres – thanks to Jeff and Ben – which means I am now better equipped for emergencies.

So all in all, what look like problems turn out to be advantages that prepare me for the journey.

I hope you are as excited as I am.

Love to all my followers,

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