The Road to Heaven is Paved with Such Kindnesses

Day 33
April 2, 2014

I made it!

On the way I met Amid and Nicole, a young tourist couple who live near Gare du Nord in Paris. She is a fashion designer and he an IT whiz for a bank. They presented me with 3 ice cold plums. I wonder if people realise what jewels they offer on a hot day. People like this you want to keep with you because they obviously love life.

I’m going to edit the dross and send. I hope they can end up on the blog.

Brian and Trish stopped today on their way to Monkey Mia. Like most people that stop, they heard me on Geraldton Radio and “Australia All Over”. I like people to stop, give me some barley sugar and conversation. What I’m not so keen on is people coming close to the the buggy without stopping, taking a photo and moving off without a smile or a wave. Is this what animals in a zoo feel like?

Thinking about earlier times on the trip
It’s easy when each day is a new day to forget what remarkable things have happened in the past week or so. So now my memory will get some exercise too.
Police Officers Ben and Jeff helped so much. ABC Wheatbelt and Geraldton’s Sarah rang the police to keep an eye out for this strange man pushing his home along the road. GWN were filming on the side of the road with Jess. Their presence made things safer. Also when they were patrolling from Billabong to past Geraldton, they said they would bring me a coffee and they were as good as their word. It may not seem much to you, but to me it was an act of heroism. When I was approaching Northampton and told them I was having problems with right wheel – caused mainly by the Indian Ocean Drive having no fog line on the road so that I had to get off every time a car approached. Off they went to the Revolution Bike Shop who gave them two free heavy duty thorn-proof tyres. That has made the whole trip safer. We do not hear enough about the good work police do to help; we usually hear only when someone is complaining. If it were up to me, I would reward them somehow.

Thanks to:
Kate McConoky just before Northam; Steve and Pia from Rockingham; Greta from Ray White Properties; Vicki who drove back, gave me a drink and all her change;
“The road to heaven is paved with such Kindnesses.” I just made that up and I think it’s pretty good.
And while I am being philosophical, I was reading the King James Bible because Mary Ellen says it’s good for hearing beautiful prose. I’ll put my cards on the table: I was brought up a Roman Catholic and we don’t normally read the Bible. So I’m not particularly religious, but this passage from Deuteronomy struck me:

“You were not chosen because you are the greatest; you were chosen because you were the least able (or disabled).

It seems to me that if this walk is a calling, then it should be known that I am the least likely to carry it off. Let me give you a list of my complaints:
Thyrotoxicosis, which was Graves but is now Hashimotos, treated with radioactive iodine, an autoimmune disease, makng it difficult to keep weight off; hypertension; pernicious anemia, for which I take iron and B12 daily, also an autoimmune problem; psoriasis, a type of arthritic skin lesion; osteoarthritis, in the knees mainly but also a little in fingers and feet since I was run over by a car in 1957; no spleen; acute nephritis as a child which has given me weak ankles; obesity; angina, fixed by a stent in the heart.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that I believe without doubt that walking will cure most of these little setbacks. I can already feel myself improving in most areas.

I will be out of contact for the next 200km to Carnarvon.

Love to all

6 thoughts on “The Road to Heaven is Paved with Such Kindnesses

  1. Hi Mike Always good to hear x you. And while we’re talking philosophy thought i’d impart a few pearls. Saw excellent movie called cycling with Moliere this afternoon based on The Misanthrope and a play within a play. Their experiences were ofcourse the opposite of yoursbut the didn’t involve strangers.
    Then your blog reminds me of Neitzche – which I recently read in a Scandinavian crime fiction nove -or maybe A death in ghe family bh Karl Ove Knausgaard – hailed as the new Ptpust. Very good. Anyway ‘ we are meant to strive and if we fo nog we are just waiting to die
    Anyway (again) just off yo do a Labor Party phone in. Cheers



  2. Thanks for your postcard Mike, the kids loved reading it. We wil be following you around Oz, keep up the miles. Andrea, Bondy, Jorjia and Maxx Bond


  3. Hi Mike – I just came across your interview on the ABC website. What an effort and what an inspiration you are. I know a little bit about both aspects of your walk as I have Ostio knees and my partner just completed the 480k Tasmanian Trail walk. I must say, you are setting a cracking pace. Keep going and and be safe but if the support that I’ve read that you have been receiving continues you should come out just fine.


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