The Harsh Midday Sun.

Day 35 April 4 2014

Best and Worst Day

Best: Yesterday was my best time for distance travelled and for lessons learned.  I chose yesterday to walk 47km in 40oC+

Worst: This morning my feet are a mess.  I had a pair of socks that I wore or they would have been a lot worse.  The heat was almost unbearable as there was no shade.  Any small shrub was almost without leaves because it has been so long since there was any rain up here past the 26th parallel.  I am now officially in the north west.

The consequence of no or little shade was almost devastating.  I was getting dizzy and light-headed.  I drank over my 6 litres but could not slake my thirst.  It was cooling for a short time only after drinking.

Then when I got to Wooramel at 9.45pm the roadhouse was closed from 6pm.

Best: When I got to the roadhouse I could not have gone another step.  I set up my tent.  Phil, the owner, came out and asked if I needed anything.  I said a soft drink would meet my cold drink and caffeine deficit.  His wife Sharon came out with a tea and made my life complete.  Phil and Sharon provided breakfast and a parcel of fruit for the journey and a place to sit down to write this blog.

Worst: I went to sleep holding the remainder of the soft drink in my hand.  Consequently I woke up in a wet bed.  Honest.

Lessons learned

Do not give in to ego-driven pursuits like breaking records.

Listen attentively to my body.  I waited too long to make my shelter.  Put up tent during the day to get some shade if necessary.

If necessary, walk at night to avoid the midday heat.

Do not treat the weather and environment lightly.  They are serious business, especially in locations where there is no signal.

Near Future

I am told that it’s 124km to Carnarvon; unfortunately there is no Menshed there.

It will be an extra 8km to walk into the town so I must consider that.


6 thoughts on “The Harsh Midday Sun.

  1. Oh Mike, do take care in the heat. Like you say, no laughing matter. Thinking of you on your next leg and hope that the weather cools for you. It is a pleasure to read your posts. Keep on truckin!


  2. Hi Mike, you need to carry some Staminade powder with you to add to your water when the heat makes you so thirsty to replace Electrolytes. The pool is now open. Cheers Christine Sent from my iPhone



  3. Hope you’ve had a chance to recoup from your grueling time in the heat.
    Is it not wonderful that telecommunications allow you to keep in contact with so many folk (most of the time?)


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