The People who make the Journey.

Day 36  5 April 2014

Tragedy today: I dropped my little portable radio and I CANNOT LISTEN TO THE FOOTBALL!

I met Hans Venrooy again today.  He had helped me fix the front wheel.  Here is the full story:

I took the front tyre off to reverse it because the tread was wearing too much on one side.  I had great difficulty in getting it back on securely.  Hans came along last Wednesday, slightly fuming because he had just had to buy a socket set because the garage would not lend him a set to change his battery.  He had paid $120 for them.  He didn’t know, of course, about how miracles happen.  But he fixed it quite securely and gave me a coffee.  He is a good friend of the Sandfire Roadhouse owner, Ken.  They were boys together and both of them had their first job fixing the rabbit proof fence when they were both 13 years old.  I started work at 13 too.  Hans now has a signwriting business in Exmouth, mainly doing decals for aircraft.

John and Julie stopped briefly and offered me a cold beer which I accepted because I was only a couple of kms from a 24-hour stopover.

I am still having problems with blisters but they are easier since I received the parcel with the fixomull stretch.  The 5 litres of water delivered with it was very nice and cold, thanks to Paul Whitfield & Peter and Brian.

Kerensa is making me a map of Carnarvon to send when I get connected so that I will know the drop off points for Sadlier Nexus truck to deliver a pair of shorts (which Kerensa will have mended), 3 pairs of arthritis socks, three Arthritis magazines and goodness knows what else.  This on a weekend when she is having chemo – what a trooper!  That’s a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

I am still in the 24-hour stopover, trying to decide whether to have more sleep and give the blisters more time to heal or press on.  I’ll let you know when I decide.

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