Heating up in Northern WA

Day 45  14 April 2014

I am spending today at Minilya where my accommodation has been donated by Mark at the roadhouse. Thank you, Mark; very much appreciated.  I spent time washing clothes and self and preparing for long treks. It is hot on this part of the trek, so I get up about 4am, walk till my midday rest and walk again until evening.  The blisters are lots better, thank you for asking.

Philip and Naomi are on their way to Perth to get married. They stopped to see if I needed anything. We decided a couple of hot cross buns would sustain me. I was stretched out under a tree trying to get some shade in over 40o heat. They were a lovely couple and looked well suited to each other. Philip is a carpenter and they live in Karratha. They are tying the knot on the 25th; here’s wishing them every happiness.

Mark and Wendy and their red border collie came from Freo; Mark is a friendly competitor of Joe from VoiceMale.

An ABC Radio announcer rang from Karratha. She will do an interview and I can stay at her place in Roeburne.  Tangiora is originally from NZ.  I listened to her program on Saturday and she sounded good.

Amber, an artist from I don’t know where, stopped to give me water; so did Deb and Richard.

Claudia and Sabine from Germany came over for work experience. They arrived 3 days ago and are off to Halls Creek or somewhere.

I also met a lovely family from Belgium. The children,  Bastian and Babette,  spoke only Flemish.  The father is a representative of MERC, a pharmaceutical company introducing arthritis medicines who was particularly interested in our new Professor of skeletal medicine.  Then there was another child and mother in a van. They gave me two glasses of ice cold apple juice and some yogurt.  Not much to you but life enhancing for me.

I met up with Wes, who has rheumatoid arthritis. The Friday walkers will remember me falling behind to talk to Wes.  We had a cup of coffee and a good chat together.  He is doing a program at the Whiley Centre when he gets back.

I met Danielle and Lewis who live in Beaconsfield. I will send a card.


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