On the Road to Minilya

Day 43     April 12th  2014


After I left Carnarvon, I discovered I still have coverage so instead of a sleep I’ll check emails and do some writing. I’m on the way to Manilya, 141km from Carnarvon and am now up to 50 kms more.

It is worth having a look at Peter Alcott’s video of the farewell with Bill Johnstone’s description of the Alma Street project and Simone McGurks speech.’ If you were at the departure you may see yourself. It is on video.

Ken Hendrick and Fred stopped to give me water; they also gave me a great bunch of grapes and a full packet of allsorts. I will have to learn to say no to some things or I will be back over 106kgs.

Thanks, Lily, for the Arthritis Today magazines; nice article.

The next roadhouse after Minilya is Nanutarra Roadhouse – 221 kms away so it will be quite tricky as far as water is concerned.


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