On the Road to Natutura

Day 47   16th April 2014        Minilya to Nanutura
Minilya to Nanutura Distance: 230 km

It will be over a week without any communications. I left Minilya a couple of days ago and the temperatures are between 37o and 42o.  I am finding walking during the day uses too much water so I need to be prudent and walk as much as possible in the evening and early morning.  I am finding it difficult to get more than 30 km per day.

I called in this morning to a 24 hour stopover and have some shade and luxury of a toilet. I borrowed a cup of tea and breakfast offered by four lively young people – Tom and Jade, Kade and Kathie. They are off to Darwin for a short time and back to Melbourne for the joyous birth of Kade’s child.  Kade is a specialist in alternative medicine. One of them I’m not sure which one – is a vegan so I got soy with my muesli.  It’s a real pleasure to spend time with them.

Lila is driving to Karratha to see her two grandsons, Samson and Fredrick. She stopped to see if I needed anything. Very kind of her.

The roads are getting very crowded building up to Easter. There are many road trains with 4 trailers carrying ore and I expect it to get worse. There are no fog lines on the road, the lines that delineate the edge of the road when there is low visibility. For me it means having to get off the road into gravel every time a car passes; this saps energy especially when it is really hot. Also damages tyres and tubes on George.

This is spinifex country with no trees no shade. I must admit I am reluctant to leave this oasis.

Day 53   22nd April   2014

 Renee’s Birthday.  Happy Birthday, daughter!  It’s a pity there is no phone coverage at Nanutarra.

I arrived to applause; that’s the first time that’s happened. The applause came from a small crowd – Tim Yuen, David and Ling. It turns out I should have been applauding this energetic and wise young man. Tim is a volunteer with Arthritis WA. Tim was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at the age of 5 at PMH. He used to attend the Juvenile Arthritis camps and now is a camp leader – just one of his many achievements. He also runs a business designing and sculpting skateboard parks. He works part time as a supervisor at UWA Out–Of-School Hours Care. If that’s not enough, he was the family director for the Beaufort Street Festival and is on Vincent Children and Young People’s Advisory Panel.

The three of them left me at Nantarra after buying me breakfast and looking after me. I am now off to Karajini National Park.

 On the way here

It has taken eight days walking here from Minilya. Two days out at about 8.00pm a truck rolled up.  Roger gave me a generous donation and gave me a cold beer – delicious!  He insisted I have a second.  I had no will power.  Normally putting up a tent is a simple operation but with two beers it becomes a Rubiks cube.

While Roger and his co-pilot Damien were still on the side of the road in the dark, another small truck arrived. Mark, the owner of Minilya Roadhouse, sent out a big bag of food and a bottle of water.  He asked his staff Drew and Alex to drive out the sixty kms.  Bless all their hearts.

Till Karratha


8 thoughts on “On the Road to Natutura

  1. Mike, you have a wonderful effect on all these generous people who are doing what small things they can to help with your difficult journey. Karajini is a great place.


    • My mistake I should have said they are off to Karajan I just pass the turn off. Went to Karrajini with Mary Ellen and a bunch of teachers probably 12 years or so.
      Thanks for the comments though always like to hear nice things said about me.


  2. Hi Mike lovely to read your postings. Thoroughly enjoying them. I lived up that way for about six years in the 60s and 70s – 4 in Onslow, which it sounds like you’re not visiting and two in Pt Hedland. My daughter was born in Roebourne in January! You’re doing an amazing job!


  3. Hello Mike,

    I am writing in the hope this email finds you well when you can receive it. I think what your doing is beyond remarkable!

    Myself and my English Staffie, Bud, used to hitch up and down the coast from Perth thru to Broome. Most of the time I had a perfectly good car, but it was always just for the adventure. As you have mentioned in this email, the people that you have (and will continue to) met certainly are what made that adventure worth doing more then once. The generosity of some people can be very heart warming indeed. To me, it gave me a belief in the human race again, and again…every time I did it.

    Although having said that, I would never have walked the whole distance. Still I wonder what in the world has possessed you to take on such a mammoth task? Your wife must be one very amazing Lady I must say!!!

    At Nanutara there used to be a little area of under cover car parks. Just the other side of the “fence” (I think it was copper logs) was a grassed area in the caravan park. Mate, I planted and tended to that grass (given only for a couple of weeks before I moved on) over 20 years ago. I sincerely hope that that particular bit of grass gave you somewhere to unwind and even perhaps a small piece of comfort, even just a little before beginning the next leg of your journey 🙂

    I am not sure if your journey will bring you to Cairns, but should you pass by this way…you have a place to stay should you decide to have another short break along the way.

    As always, I will look forward to your next email about your journey.

    Stay safe Mike, and thank you for the trip back to Memory Lane. it has reminded me of many people’s faces who’s names I can not remember. Most of all, you have reminded me of just how remarkable and loving my little mate Bud was for me in so many ways and for so many years 🙂

    Sent with the kindest of regards, Buck Davey

    On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 11:24 AM, Oz Soul Walk


  4. How fantastic people are. The way you are doing it seems to bring out the best in people. I guess they’ll all have a tale to tell to family about the man walking around Australia. We had a nice walk this morning to Samson house and then walked to b shed for coffee and it’s a beautiful day. Hope it gets cooler for you soon as it’s cooler here. Take care Mike, Cheers, Mary

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Great to hear about your recent travels. As usual they are full of stories about the generosity of strangers which is always heartening to hear…….the unexpected feasts,fruit,cold beers and other goodies are always great on the road I imagine. I remember getting flooded out at Minilya Road House on a couple of our trips up north.I have just been to Sydney with Ron for three days and then the family south of Canberra for two weeks. My Dad and Michele and Gail who you met near Melbourne on your first trip all send good warm thoughts.Had a great weekend at Fairbridge but its back to teaching and normal stuff next week.There’s a Spanish film Festival coming up so will see if I have picked up a bit more in my lessons. The Spanish word for star is a nice one estrella……I am sure you are seeing plenty of those. Well you missed all the election excitement and Scott Ludlum’s rising popularity….the new hero of the greens. The campaign was solid but hilarious at the same time. Lots of humorous slogans.
    Lot of love from us…..you are out of that 200 mile rescue radius I promised but if you need anything let me know. Go well and take care,Peta x


    • Thanks Petal

      Your letters are always news and enjoyable to read.

      Wish I had your ability. Please give my love to your family.

      Was thinking of the great time at Fairbridge when I heard some of it in the radio.

      Give my love to the young rascal Ron McCathie




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