Mike & Fran

Mike & Fran

Day 64 Saturday 3rd May 2014 Karratha
I arrived in Karratha on the 2nd of May. Ken and his wife Fran (to give her correct name) have given me refuge from the road. Their generosity both to the fundraising and to me has been astounding. I am staying in absolute luxury – too much to relate here other than to say I have seen my first football game this year; more later.
Linda was driving to Broome to supervise after school at an aboriginal boarding school, when she stopped and chatted for a short while; Linda gave me some good insect repellent, much nicer than the ‘haveagoodweekend’ stuff.
Scottie and Stella (sorry; not sure) from Armidale are off to see grandsons Michael and Edward.
Gillian and Keith of no fixed abode are now officially Nomads and seem to have life all sussed out. They made me a cuppa.
Let me tell you about a remarkable young man named Eddie; he had been working at the mine site all day when he stopped on his way home to Karratha. He asked what I would like for breakfast. I jokingly said, “A cheese and tomato sandwich”. Off he roared, then came back with two toasties and a couple of cans of ice cold cola. A round trip on his motorbike of 140kms after a day’s work.
Next morning it was the same: on his way to work he dropped off the same for breakfast! Eddie did not believe me when I said he should be a gourmet cook; they were delicious.
That evening I met a delightful Mobile Vet named Lisa who was originally from Narrogin now based in Karratha. She stopped me in my tracks by saying. “Are you a fool or crazy?”; but she gave me cold water and lifted my spirits.
Thanks, Steve, for the cold water and donations.
Sandra and Jamie work with young aboriginal children to help put them on the right track before they go astray. They gave me a great assortment of things – fruit, water, Lip Balm and zinc cream – very practical things.
Paul drives trucks. When he was 43, he took up breaking in horses. Apparently there are two methods of doing it but he learnt and uses the gentle method – working at the individual horse’s ability to learn gently, slowly teaching and gaining trust. Next morning he left a flask of tea. I must work out how to get the flask back.
Jaye lives in Russel Street Fremantle and works FIFO with IOH Iron Ore Holdings. She seems to love her work in health safety and heritage.
This morning (Saturday 3rd) I did a chat session with Taniora on ABC local Radio. Following our talk she spoke to Douglas Knowles who has cycled around Australia five times. I now have Douglas’s phone number so we can meet up along the way. I’m going clockwise, him counter clockwise so we should meet up on the east coast.
Mary Ellen suggested I talk about “the why of the walk”. I told Taniora this morning it’s because of love of country, love of the people I meet and the health benefit of walking. That’s the only depth I can go to while enjoying the luxury of a comfortable bed, a 75-inch TV screen and 3 meals a day. I do not know how to tell how grateful I am to the people of Karratha especially my hosts Ken and Fran.

7 thoughts on “Karratha

  1. Hi Mike. Enjoying your blog. Glad you’re still going okay. Happy birthday for tomorrow from all at sound for life. Hope it is an enjoyable day for you with lots of wonderful experiences. I will be thinking of you. Love Gillian xx


  2. Hi Mike,

    I have been following you through Gillian. Happy Birthday. I hope you have had a great day.Think of you often. Regards
    Jean Loth




  4. This morning, Ken and I set off early from Karratha to find our friend Mike whom Ken calculated would be 15km north of Whim Creek, and that’s exactly where we found him. How else would I spend my Mother’s Day Sunday, than with our adopted new ‘son’.
    Ken had prepared a few cheese and tomato sandwiches and a thermos of tea, so it was an alfresco breakfast on Highway 1 this morning for Mr. Pauly!
    Mike, it was a bit sad this morning, because soon you won’t be just a few hours drive away, and we’re going to miss you. Take care on the road our lovely friend and remember that we’re so proud of you for having the strength to do this. You make us strive to be better people and we’ll do everything we can to spread awareness of what you are achieving…With hugs,love and more hugs, Fran & Ken


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