On the Road to Port Hedland

Mike with Sandra & Jamie on the road to Karratha

Mike with Sandra & Jamie on the road to Karratha

An update on Mike……..

Mike is about 50km west of Port Hedland. Due to technological difficulties, he can’t produce a blog until he arrives there tomorrow. Here is some info about how he’s going.

The knees are some better as he has lost 17 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) kilos. He feels he’d like to lose another 8. Let us hope he doesn’t end up anorexic.

He is sleeping a quite a bit but last night he was in a 24-hour stopover and some young blokes celebrated a birthday with lots of loud music so today he’s pretty tired. But he admits that at that age, he’d have been one of the party.

He has been on “Australia all Over” and ‘Macca’ has joked that he might come out and walk with him – for about10 minutes.

I don’t think Mike sets a fast pace but he’s like the tortoise – slow and steady. And you know who won the race in the end. Mike even keeps walking when he telephones.

2 thoughts on “On the Road to Port Hedland

  1. Hi Mike, got your postcard yesterday, wonderful to hear from you……..so amazing to think that your first walk across Australia was a decision/goal you made during our Artist Way! So good to hear you are walking AROUND Australia now, you are definitely history in the making! Go Mike!!!
    Lots of Luv and good energy, light and laughter!
    Sue Sloan X X


  2. Hi Mike.. So shocked when Pura said you left on your walk. Can’t believe it has been two years since we walked together in your group. I guessI was pretty busy in 2012-2013 with the Camino in Spain then on to Italy for more walking and travel the time just flew !!! Sorry I have never gotten back to you… Just a bit hung up on life…
    Wonderful hearing of your plans though and asked for your information so I could see where you are. Please take care of yourself and know we are all thinking about you and wish you all the joys of walking….and you know what they are. Much love, peace and laughter along the way my friend. Cheers Barbara Butler


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