Let’s do a Stocktake…..

Day 76 15th May 2014

Let me do a stocktake of my wellbeing:

Body: less 17.3 kg, so I am now 88 kg.  This makes walking easier on my knees and getting in and out of a bed on the ground much easier.

Mind: functioning reasonably well, although I can be forgetful.  Especially when I lose my notebook, which is my memory prop.

Spirit: wonderful.  Filled with joy and overwhelmed by people’s generosity and the providence of the universe.  It just might also be the pain deadening of the endorphins.

Distance travelled: 1864 km in 76 days.  That’s an average of 24.53 km/day based on a 7-day week.  Or 29.14 km/day based on a 6-day week.  The second figure looks better.

So overall my audit shows a good result.  I am finding that I need some days off for repair – of body, mind and spirit, but also of material goods such as food where available.  My mattress has been deflating under me in the middle of the night for a month.  My brake cable is non-functioning and my stamps, notebook and receipt book all got ruined during the rain.  They are now all in cliplock bags.  Such unexpected and foreseen happenstances.

So 29 km/day, while not optimum, is about all I can manage at the moment; loger distanes and cooler weather should enable a better result.

Let’s get back to Karratha:

I talked at the Clontarf Foundation to about 20 indigenous boys with a very patient Operations Officer, Oliver Brooke.  It seemed to go reasonably well.  I also met the boys and some girls and the Roebourne Clontarf Academy.  I had a call from them a day after the talk.  They were coming out with a birthday cake – how thoughtful is that!  Unfortunately I was back in Karratha to celebrate with new friends there and it didn’t feel good to disappoint them.

I don’t know how to get Paul McDonnell’s thermos back to him.  He is the horsebreaker with the gentle method called “Pat Parrel”.  The road gang who bring me water, cakes and fruit are Brad and Lawrence.  Shane, who was manager of Pioneer Concrete, and Molly are coming back to Karratha after many years.  Trin has been visiting her grandchildren Mia, Lauren, Isabelle, Tabcha and Elle. 

Next time I’ll tell you about preparations for the l-o-n-g trek to Broome.

3 thoughts on “Let’s do a Stocktake…..

  1. Enjoying your blogs Mike– inspirational. I am amazed at people’s response to your walk. Makes me feel there is so much goodness out there. We get fed so much negativity in the media. Enjoy the warmth as its getting colder down here now. Bill and I are looking forward to a bit of Broome weather in July but it seems you will have moved past Broome by then. Stay safe Mike.


  2. Hi Michael. So good to hear from you again and that you are doing well. I think you are doing good speed 🙂 It is interesting how we come so demanding of our selves when we do things like what you are doing. I suppose it helps us to stay focused and motivated. I so enjoy your reports and will look forward to the next one. All the best to you.
    Cheers Ove


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