Port Headland to Pardoo

Mike & Ken Highway 1
Day 83 May 22, 2014

Port Hedland to Pardoo

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. The rendition by the Wednesday Walkers of “Happy Birthday” was a musical treat, especially the bits where they were singing in tune. The group at the One Stop Shop, led by Colleen and Anne, also got very close to singing in tune.

I think I am in the Kimberley now. There is no sign to say I’ve crossed but now I can get Kimberley radio louder than Pilbara. The landscape changes all the time, from very low trees to barren treeless plains – nothing but spinifex. I’ll be very aware of seeing baobab trees soon. It’s very hard to find shelter when there are no trees or they are like bonsai.

I am relaxing at Pardoo roadhouse currently where I met Dr Michael Davey, bestselling author and motivational speaker. He is cycling from Sydney around Oz raising money for Children with Cancer and they are now halfway. His partner Barbara is supporting his along the way. They are inspiring and pleasant dining companions. This morning they filmed an interview with me.

Thank you to Janet for her generosity – a room not only for me but also for Barbara and Michael.

    Clontarf Foundation

As you know, I met with the boys at Clontarf Karratha and Clontarf Roebourne. I am really impressed with the people and the aims of this teaching institution. Clontarf exists to improve the education discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society. I do not know much else in the budget that I would applaud but the government has supported this very good work.

The Foudnation belifives that failure to experience achievement when youngk coupled with a position of under-preivilege, can lead to alienation anger and more serious consequendes.

The vehicle for tackling these is AFL and ARL by using the existing passion that Aboriginal boys have for football and rugbyl There are at least 34 Clontarf school around Australi and I look forward to meeting with as many as I can along with as many Mensheds as I can as I journey. It looks as if this trip will be anything but boring. For more information, contact@clontarffoundation.com.au

Some generous and/or sociable people along the way – thanks to:

the Landing Caravan Park for two night of luxury with all meals included. They texted for me to stay with my crew, which as you know is myself, my Blue teddy bear and George, the chariot. Thanks, Neal and all the staff.

Trish, whom I met along the way. She works with a crane company She helped me shop wile in Port Hedland and South Hedland with are 12km apart and I had shopp9ing to do in both. I bought a new self-inflating mattress. My thermorest finally gave up after two months of being patched with various glues and tapes. Sharpies donated a brake cable but I haven’t worked out how to wire it up to two drums yet. I tried to get an epirb or spot device as the one from Mountain Design is out of date and cannot be connected but no luck anywhere in Port Hedland.

Nick and Donna, who came by on their motorbike. They suggested I call into Shalamar Station and contact Vaness Mules at ABC Kimberley. Their contact is http://www.Ausyouthcycle.com.au

Rhys Jones, a mechanic, and Mader from Holland Street in Freo.

Rod and Lisa from Pardoo Station, who invited me to say. Unfortunately it’s a days’walk there and back. But the water was cold and lovely.

John and Lyla, who stopped for a chat.

Bernadette and John from Landilo NSW. John drives a truck when not pleasure driving. They are travelling with Iggy and Lorraine, Bernadette’s sister who loves tennis, and are from Mulgora NSW.

Chris and Sue. Chris is going to work for Budget rentals while Sue will work at the Information centre at Port Hedland. We had a good discussion about men’s health. Sadly Chris’s brother was bipolar and suicided. I was impressed with his openness. We agreed not talking is a major part of the problem.

Matt, Scott, Jasmine, Ben and Nicky all live in Port Hedland. Matt works for MacLeese Trucking and I told Matt I found their drivers courteous and friendly.
Mal, York and Diana from Safety Bay, visiting their daughter Jodie McDowell and grandchildren Anne and Coby.

Johanna from the French Montagne region and Jeff from Toulouse and Ollie from Quebec. I insensitively asked Ollie, “Do they laugh at your accent?” and he retorted, “I laugh at theirs.” Laure and Fran are from Toulouse and they are going to Brisbane.

Paul Walters, who works at FMG Mine, was travelling with his friends Dakota Stuart and Brandon Walters.

Michael, a motor mechanic, and Gerburg are from the Ruhr Valley, taking time to see them in Germany.

Chris and Sheri: the baby in the back demanded they leave before I found out their story.

Kathy Neylon, Bec Mumford, Emily McCaine, Indi Mackie and Lily Ollie, who are all travelling together. Delicious pears and orange – all icy cold.

David and Helena from Luton, UK, who volunteer at Yooralla Shelter for native animals in Mt Barker. They are on their way back to work again. They did not know if the Luton Girl’s Choir was still going. They are probably not girls anymore, as they were when I was a boy.

Raphael from Dartmoor and Marco from the west, who have an app company called Two-Finger Apps for smartphones. They gave me 2 Timtams which were melting as I ate them.

Clive, who rang from Broome Men’s Shed for a good chat. Bill Johnstone, the president of the Fremantle Men’s Shed had sent him a letter.

Christine and Wayne Gralpin from Port MacDonall in South Australia, who live in Cape Keraudren during the winter every year. They were collecting firewood, so maybe it gets cool here too sometimes.

This is a first. As I was approaching a car on the side of the road, I was JoJo and Sinead setting up a table for me to have something to eat. Although it was only 9am, I took the ice cold cider they offered as I was only 6km from the roadhouse. They made me a lovely cheese sandwich with REAL BREAD! They have both been working at the Karratha Tavern and are now travelling to Broome, Cairns, and Sydney. It was a delightful interlude with two young Germans full of the joy of life.

Next I met Lynne and her son Sam. Lynne represent the Fibromyalgia Association and has talks with the CEO of the Arthritis Foundation. Fibromyalgia is a type of arthritis. She has another son, Hew, who hade juvenile arthritis and is now a health and physical education teacher.

Sam lives in Broome and is a Child Protection Officer – ie, a social worker.

That’s all for now. I will have lunch and head off for Broome.


6 thoughts on “Port Headland to Pardoo

    • Hi Mike. Thinking of you and always enjoy reading posts of your progress. You have made so many friends – you have a better social life than I do !
      Christine from Aqua


      • Hi Christine
        Only problem is I have to leave these beautiful people and walk into the next joyful experience.
        Hope you are enjoying the new pool. Tomorrow morning I am joining the Broome Aqua Deep class.
        Love to all at the Freon pool


  1. Hi mike’ “We both know the little secret of why people like us travel the way we do” ( It’s the folks you meet on your travels that are the real joy in ones life,) ourselves Michael and Chris met you about two months ago on the road at the start of our seven year around the world push bike ride, at the moment we are riding from the top of Scotland to the bottom of England. And guess what I have learned about life, people who travel are all full of joy and happiness the world over, ( What a wonderful treat ).


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