Sandfire Roadhouse to Broome 321kms

Mike at Clontarf College in Broome

Mike at Clontarf College in Broome

Day 100 8 June 2014 Sandfire Roadhouse to Broome 321km
100 Day Review 2500 km walked at an average 25 km/day
84 days 2500km walked at an average 29.07/day on a 6-day week, which is practical for other commitments. maintenance, weather and unforeseen incidents
Productivity increases as the weather gets cooler.
I have met more cyclists than usual on this, the longest leg so far. Also I met four people riding Post Office motor bikes with enlarged fuel tanks.
One highlight was talking to my daughter Martine on her birthday. It did my heart good to talk to her for longer than a quick phone cal.
I spoke to Penny at Melbourne University physio department about a study of ACSIS Gel OA Melbourne waking shoes, but it won’t be possible on this trip. These shoes will possible hep with osteoarthritis if the study is successful. I was unable to get a pair in Broome.
I am still trying to change the e-mail address on Facebook to the one on the road Some of you may not have received my replies to your Facebook posts; this is probably due to Mary Ellen’s lack of technological skills. Dear friends, please be patient. It is more likely a problem of expertise.
There never was a sign delineating the end of the Pilbara.
Broome is beautiful. The swaying palms and sandy beaches put you in a relaxed holiday mood immediately. I have become involved in the community. There is no end to ‘s talents I am very grateful for their efforts. Bill Johnstone in Freo and Clive Johnson here have co-ordinated a successful trip to Broome.
Friday June 6
I started the day with aquarobics at a very nice pool in Broome. There were about 60 people doing my favourite form of exercise. Nola, whom I met along the road, went up to the trainer and she announced what we are doing. At the end I asked her to announce our sausage sizzles on Saturday and Sunday.
I moved on to an interview at the Indigenous radio station Goolari, which covers all the Pilbara, the Kimberley and up to Darwin. Russell at the station had an easy interviewing style. I also met a blind woman who has a program covering the same district, the sort of person you would like to talk to for an hour or two.
Next I met Derek, a contract film maker working for GWN and we did some filming to be shown on GWN on Monday night. I had to rush off to talk to the boys at Clontarf over their lunch period. They were all very good, with lots of questions and lively interaction. Greg Wood had organised it for us. Michael Harris is the co-ordinator at Broome Clontarf and I met the principal of the high school Saeed Amin, who said they have 900 students. It was a pleasant time. I was really interested to learn the they have students doing Construction Certificates 1 and 2 in year 11 by doing work projects around the school.
The parcel with the spare tubes and tyres, business cards and another pair of sandals arrived. Freo Menshedders, what would I do without you?! I am still waiting for the postcards.
Saturday June 7
I did an ABC interview with Pat, who is also a member of Broome Men’s Shed, which was very good and relaxed. It helped having Clive there as well because they knew each other well.
Then off to Bunnings for a sausage sizzle for our fundraiser. We have given the sausage sizzles publicity at every interview; consequently, we had a record sale and ran out of sausages with an hour to spare. This was a record for Broome’s sausage sizzles.
Sunday June 8
Before dashing off to Bunnings, I rang “Australia All Over”. Macca has been very supportive since my first walk in 2009, when he arranged for a satellite phone for me because he was concerned about the long distances without communications then.
Wonderful people I have met along the way
I first passed my friend Peter Leversha after Geraldton, and I have now seen him four times. He is the hare to my tortoise. When I overtake him, I always get a good cup of tea and good conversations. Oh, plus two more sightings at the sausage sizzles.
The Roebourne Clontarf football team was travelling from Roebourne to Broome to fly somewhere for a game. Byron received the “Spirit Award”. I was sorry I was not there when they brought out my birthday cake. They did the same thing the next day and the boys had to eat it all themselves – again. Clontarf drew the line when they asked to take a cake on the third day.
Scott, Jasmine, Ben, Nicky and Matt came from Victoria where Matt worked for Macleese Trucking.
Policemen Andy and John stopped to tak and gave a donation,
Cheryl Hay-Hendy, Gayle Kerrie and Kerry Warner gave me a very nice light muesli as I was getting low on food. I also talked to John and Helen Dean.
Janek and Marzema from Poland were cycling around Australia.
Bob and Gayle were my age so we had a lot in common.
At the sausage sizzles I met: on Saturday, Adam, Eric, John and Clive
on Sunday, Chris, John, Clive and (very briefly) Mike. Well done, guys!
My special thanks to Clive Johnson, the president of Broome Men’s Shed. They have a bright future under Clive’s stewardship.


3 thoughts on “Sandfire Roadhouse to Broome 321kms

  1. Love your travelogue and look forward to the updates. You’re doing really well Mike and will be here with us in Melbourne before you know it…well in about 12 months at this rate. Stay well and fit. Helen and Neil


  2. Hi Mike,

    As always mate I look forward to your emails coming thru, to have a read and a smile with you on your journey!

    As the father of a disabled girl (22yo) I can not really donate a lot, but I can help spread the word around. I saw you had only 134 followers, so now we are going to try and send this viral around the country with social media, maybe even the world???

    I am sorry but this is about the best way I can help 😦 I do hope that this might find its way to those who can help to reach your goal of 100k?

    Take care, and stay safe mate, and with the kindest regards, Buck Davey


    • Thanks Buck

      I have to report that I need to get back to civilization to get an operation on a strangulated hernia.this I consider a minor setback I will come back to Fitzroy Crossing to continue the journey. Just another little setback to make life interesting. Thanks for your kind words and efforts we can all use a helping hand sometimes.



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