Willare Bridge Roadhouse to Fitzroy Crossing

Day 113 Willare Bridge Roadhouse to Fitzroy Crossing
People who inspire me
In 1951 when I was 11 years old in a dysfunctional family. I met Robert Saunders at Our Lady’s School in Sunshine in Victoria. Bob changed my life in a simple way. “Unconditional love” was a concept neither of us could have put into words at the time, but Bob lived that love, as naturally as he breathed air. He has a Down Syndrome brother and he used to talk about him with such love it changed me.
On the Road
I met the guys from the Men’s Outreach Program. John Puertollano and Steven Barnes visit prisons and proactively help guys in trouble. Such a great work! I also met Micklo McKensie of Suicide Response under the umbrella of Anglicare. They are all going to a meeting at Fitzroy Crossing the the FC Men’s Shed, where Scottie is the contact.
While I am sitting here, a helpcopeter landed and out popped Grame Harrison from Facebook: Aussie Hell Adventure. He writes a blog called aussieheliadventure@blogspot.com This should now be liked to or blog.
Kimberley Wilderness Adventures pulled up and tour leader Kat brought me a care package of fruit and muesli bars. All the tourists came with cameras and questions. I told them how I like to be the centre of attention.
Special people who helped me on the way
Thanks to Kira and Ross, the managers of the Willare Bridge Roadhouse. I will send a receipt from Fitzroy Crossing.
Paul and Charlotte from Coffs Harbour are cycling from Darwin to Perth. They have been friends for 11 years and have neighbouring properties.
Shiela and (? – sorry) were from Vancouver. Send me an e-mail and I will edit this.
Steve Wright from Nelson Bay
I met another group who travel together for safety ad companionship. Steve – solosteveontheroad@blogspot.com happywanderertravelling@blogspot.com
I see Kimberley Wild bus driver Richard Carmen fairly regularly.
I met Laure and Madeli, friends of toni and Di in Freo.
Greg and Marg Davies from Bellbrae in Victoria will walk Cradle Mountain next year. Greg likes golf but not gardening.
Peter and Angela are driving ”Primrose”. They quoted Shakespeare: if you want a happy life, choose a “primrose path”. They are going to Kununurra looking for work, then back to Esperance in the spring.
Mark, Dorothy and Linda, Alistair and Ken went up the Gipp River Road and Kununurra.
Robyn and Jan are health professionals, nurses who inspect to see that facilities maintain standards. Robayn and walked the Camino Santiago Compostella.
Geoff Bowman, Director of Nursing at Fitzroy Crossing gave me lovely frozen water and a couple of days later some sarsaparilla, which I hadn’t had for about 50 years. He also offered me accommodation.
Val and Ron operate graders. Val has a blue heeler called Peter from Mt Pierre station.
Rhys and Rob have been 3 months in the Kimberley and love it.
I met Dr Sybille Japhary, her mother Inga from the Netherlands, Frankie and two girls. She offered me acupuncture when I get to Victoria. We had a good discussion about arthritis. She is an obstetrician, so I am unlikely to need help in this lifetime.
James Woo is considering walking the “Silk Road”.
Thanks to Helen for accommodation in Halls’ Creek; she is the co-ordinator of disability services in Fitzroy Crossing.
Harry and Deb stopped their caravan, sent back to the 24-hour stop and generously made me a mug of tea, as well as giving me money “for a few beers”, according to Harry.
Matt, an electrician, and Erina, who works for Parks and Wildlife, sat down with me and had a beer in the shade – a very pleasant interlude that brought joy into an otherwise dreary day.
An extraordinary family: In the largest bus I have ever seen fitted out as a caravan were a French couple, Fred and Sandrine, travelling with Fred’s father Jean-Paul and four beautifully-behaved children, all independent and born in Australia. They have been given aboriginal names: the three boys are Djinbi which means stars, Firndo which means sun, Kayno which means moon and the daughter is Yallen which means dream. They gave me tea and biscuits and replaced the chair I had just broken.
Peter and Ross and Brian and Noreen came along at the same time, which mean twe had 12 people around the buggy at the same time. It’s hard to give everyone the time they should have.
On Monday the 22nd I plan to visit the Men’s Shed in Fitzroy, the Clontarf Post Office and do more shopping for the next leg to Halls Creek.


2 thoughts on “Willare Bridge Roadhouse to Fitzroy Crossing

  1. So impressed with your careful acknowledgement of all the people you meet along the way – a slice of Australia.


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