Fitzroy Crossing to Hospital

24th June, Day 116 (We will freeze the days until I start the walk again on the 26th August 2014)
Fitzroy Crossing to Hospital
I went to Fitzroy Hospital and had a diagnosed potential strangulated hernia; the doctor showed me how to push the bowel back into place and told me the options which was if wind or contents could not pass through then get to a hospital ASAP . I decided to go on and I left FC and monitor the condition. I left Tuesday 24th and got as far as across the two river bridges. When I got across I could not walk without great pain. David a guy on a motorbike stopped to help me; he rode down to the lodge Caravan Park and parked his bike and hailed a car to take me into the park. He then pushed my buggy to a nice site and helped me put my tent up. A good nights sleep and I was ok to go back to FC . Thanks to David and Graham and all his friends from Ag college.
Wednesday 25th I went to the Tourist Information to book busses back to Perth while I was waiting for the office to open some children “ Found” my mobile phone. A very kind Aunt went to the trouble to return my phone that evening.
My previous benefactors Ken and Fran in Karatha would not allow me to go by bus so they booked and paid for a Qantas flight from Broome. Helen drove me to the bus stop at at 1.00am Thursday for a 1.20 departure the bus did not arrive till 3.40am. The bus barely made enough time to catch the flight. Fortunately; Clive President of Broome Men’s Shed was waiting to take me to the Airport.
Took taxi from airport to home arrived 2.20 pm Thursday 26th. MaryEllen got home from teaching and took me to my GP who diagnosed a double ingunal hernias and arranged a referral for a surgeon at St John of God in Murdock to inspect. All the office staff waited after hours for us to get there at 5.30 pm ; It was decided to operate at St John of God at Mount Lawley in the morning.
Thanks to MaryEllen for juggling not only me but took Kerensa for Chemo on the same day. It was necessary to have MaryEllen with me because I had no identification or credit card.
Operated Friday 27th and stayed overnight and discharged on Saturday 28th .
Fitzroy Crossing before the Drama
Arrived Sunday 22nd and stayed with Helen she works as Indigenous disability co-ordinator and generously looked after me while in FC I also left my buggy/pram there.
On Monday I went to Clontarf to talk to the young people the teachers were very good I had a talk to them first and they explained to the Boys ie The Football Academy and about six girls from The Girls Academy whose focus is on netball and basketball and of all that goes with that education and life skills the same as the boys. They were all very attentive and I learned a lot about there particular group or skin and where they travel from to get to school. Very impressed. Because I went to the hospital which took most of the day because I had to come back in the afternoon for a Doctors appointment; this meant I couldn’t get to the Men’s Shed
Fitzroy Crossing Men’s Shed was started by Andrew Forrest and is managed by CEO Alan Scott.
The Shed is called Gurama Yani U which is a Bunaba phrase which translates to ‘ For All Men’ in English.
Their vision statement is to ‘to empower all men of the Fitzroy Valley through unity’ Their strength is 90 % Indigenous work force it is a little different from other sheds ;and of course they are al different Gurama Yani U hires men and equipment to provide employment and income. Their work is varied and all the men receive training in a wide choice of work : such as
Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Landsaping, Earthmoving, Fencing, Lawn Mowing, Renovation, Roads and Car Parks and Cleaning as well being open to new and innovative projects I was very impressed with their organisation. Pricing and quotations can be had from Alan Scott at
Special thanks to Grahame Campbell owner of the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park in Broome for giving me excellent accommodation with beautiful views and facilities.

Mike Pauly

5 thoughts on “Fitzroy Crossing to Hospital

  1. Hi Mike
    Good to hear you have been taken care of. I hope you will recover soon. I always look forward to your updates. Very inspiring to me.
    All the best


  2. Mike, I have just opened your email with full news of your predicament. Sorry to hear of it and can’t appr4eciate the full pain of the hernia you experienced. I tried to ring you, but your home phone is off now. We knew you had come back to Perth, but had no knowledge when or where the op was to be carried out We hope you have a speedy recovery, but, DON”T PUSH IT TOO FAST>!!! The Wheel barrow is not going anywhere, just enjoying a well earned rest . May be we can catch up and have coffee some time. Cheers Bruce.


  3. Mike, what an amazing venture so far. We wish you a very speedy recovery. Australia is not going anywhere soon. Take care and we hope to catch you when you eventually reach Tasmania. Sending positive thoughts and well wishes. Debbie, Gary, Ben and Rhys Williams.

    PS Thanks for the postcard you send to Rhys’ class! He received it last week after returning from our 3 and half month adventure.

    PPS Enjoying keeping up with adventures to date with Macca on a Sunday morning.


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