Life Off the Road

Wednesday 1st July 2014
Joined the Wednesday walkers from the One Stop Shop a group I started for over 55’s with the backing of the OSS who provided coffee vouchers to get the walkers addicted to coffee and camaraderie. It was a short walk which allowed me to join in. The idea is to discover the 11 different walks in Fremantle; see Visit Fremantle web site. This includes a Wikipedia Site you can follow on your smart phone.
We went to the Aboriginal Community in the Pilots cottages next to the Round House were given a talk by Marissa Verna the MD of Bindi Bindi Dreaming (Bindi means Butterfly) About twenty non aboriginal; interested in knowing more about culture and history. We were shown some videos of early history of the land right battles and scenes from “Rabbit Proof Fence” depicting the terrible impact on the lives of families. The stolen generation has had a devastating impact on the lives of the aboriginal people. I asked would it be possible down the track for a response to the “Sorry” speech by Kevin Rudd if it would be possible for the Aboriginal people to forgive us for our wrong doings. My experience with the “Course in Miracles at the Centre for Attitudinal Healing that to forgive is healing for the forgiver than for the forgiven. It was agreed that we both need a lot more time yet.
My aim is to learn as much as I can about our fellow Australians especially as I intend to keep visiting the Clontarf schools as I walk around.
Thursday 2nd July 2014
MaryEllen went to school today and will go to the airport afterwards to fly to Canada to see her Mother.
I am catching Public transport to go into Perth to renew my Seniors card and my Transperth travel card. Surprised they issued my Senior card on the spot. Started charging the batteries on my Campervan so I can get around also would like to sell it if I can. Tried talking to people on the train and on the platform and discovered life is very different in the city. People are more fearful of each other.
Have to find a tenant to share my studio while I am away. Jackie and Lynne are sisters who have been using the studio are leaving they have given me a month’s notice.
Went to One Stop Shop on way back from the City of Perth. Had a discussion about the pain we are feeling about the dying of the planet wether we admit it or not the collective unconscious is suffering openly or in denial . We are being distracted so that the businesses that are benefitting by continuing the global madness of polluting and using all our resources can continue accumulating wealth and power. The very stuff that is needed to mitigate the problem.
Bought a little book called Gratitude at the Australian Geographic Shop by Steve Parrish. In the introduction it stated .”There may be times in our lives when we find it difficult to feel thankful. Removing the barriers is part of healing and growing process. This journey can be a positive experience through which we express gratitude for the smallest gifts of life. Through gratitude ,we learn to respect the relationship between nature and others.

The most fortunate are those who have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy. Abraham Maslow
Be Grateful for any small thing today
Donate something to charity- time and presence can be just as valuable as money
Appreciate the magnificence in nature
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible DALAI LAMA
Show care for the natural world with a small gesture every day
Treat yourself to something special
Smile with kindness and sincerity
When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others DALAI LAMA
Have a ‘sorry’ day – use this time to repair relationship with those whom you have shown disrespect
Enrich your body and mind with exercise and healthy nutritious food
Familiarise yourself with positive traits of an animal you do not like.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness, Kindness in giving creates love LAO TZU
Give the gift of a smile every day.
Thankfully give a portion of what you receive
Plant local and native plants in your nature strip for wildlife and others to enjoy

Friday 3rd July 2014 Couldn’t get the van started so I walked from home to meet up with the Friday walkers Frank ,Hazel and Cynthia. Lorna , Barbara are in Europe and Peta’s away somewhere.
Tonight going to Tony Backhouse gospel singing workshop.
Mike Pauly

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