Life off the road 3

Life off the Road 3       13th July  Sunday 2014

This is my first day out of bed after trauma. Need to buy some clothes with new body size.

My surgeon rang Sunday night to say the blood tests still show some Bugs. I asked Ken a neighbour to take me to get a prescription.  Progress seems to be slow at the moment.

People  who have inspired  me – Molly Craig                                                                               The three children portrayed in the book and the film “The Rabbit Proof Fence”Molly Craig and Daisy were sisters and Gracie was a cousin Molly and Daisy walked from Moore River to Jiggalong some 2400 kms over 9 weeks. The children were taken from their mothers; this time become known as the “Stolen Generation” It was argued that it was for their own good. It was done without compassion or consideration of the impact on all the families.  Molly showed great leadership and knowledge of her environment.  It demonstrates that even a child with a goal and definiteness of purpose can do amazimg things. The universe aligns up to support us when we set goals.

People  Who Have Inspired  Me – Terry Bolland                                                                               A friend of mine took me to meet Terry at Canoeing Down Under his business at Terry navigated the Kimberlies in a Canoe. Also paddled for 20,000 kms in US, Canada and Alaska.  Terry gave me advice on water carrying methods and quantities. Canoeing and pushing a pram have similar problems that is volume and weight limit what it is possible to take. Essentials like food and water must take precedent

People who have inspired  me – Bill Johnstone                                                                                  Bill has inspired and assisted some 134 Men’s sheds to be established in Western Australia  he is the epitome of the quiet achiever. He instigated the Alma Street Project that we are walking for along with Arthritis Research.  Alma Street is the mental health wing of the Fremantle Hospital, Bill instigated talking  10 men for 10 weeks at the Fremantle Mens Shed. Giving them the experience of working with different skills and different men.;and being part of the community. This program used to be partly funded by grants but it was difficult to have continuity. Our walk allows this to have the much needed consistency. To know more about Bill and Freo Men’s Shed have a look at the video produced by Peter Alcock

  1.                                                                                                16th July still crook I have two more days of anti Bacteria tablets I am still bloated and in pain sleep is difficult only getting 45 minutes at a time and I feel worn out

17th July lft home for first time.

18th July Still not able to walk will go and have coffee with walking group at Swanbourne. T is sad to see my hard earned muscle mass quickly disappearing. This will give me a strong incentive to get fit. Remembering not to start too soon.

Mike Pauly

9 thoughts on “Life off the road 3

  1. Hi Mike,

    I’ve been keeping a keen eye on your progress through your blog.
    I was sorry to hear about your off your feet at the moment!
    Hope you get better really soon.
    My wife and I are hoping to head down to Perth soon and if you’re still about down there and not jetted off to continue your journey, I’d like to buy you a cuppa!

    You’re a real inspiration.
    Get well soon,
    Ben (Northampton Police)


  2. Hi there Mike, Sorry to hear of the ongoing problems with the Hernia. We hope this last lot of surgery will put you back on your feet again. Thanks for all the info, and the types of people you have been meeting up with. You will certainly have a huge circle of friends at the end of it all. Good luck with the recovery. Bruce


  3. So sorry to hear that things have not gone to plan for you. Hope you feel better soon. I am off one a road trip with my son out to do the first section of the Canning Stock Route for the next 10 days. Hope we leave this rain behind!! Look after yourself and listen to your body. You cannot rush these things. Christine

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. So sorry you are not back to your normal self and we hope that will happen soon. You continue to inspire us with your messages of inspiration. Look after yourself. All the best, Mary


  5. Hi Mike. Sorry to hear that you have been so crook! No sleeping well is a tough call when you are already feeling unwell I do hope you improve soon.
    I guess there were only a few at Swanbourne. Is Toni still away.
    I have to remind myself every so often that pounding those beautiful cobble stoned mediaval streets is hard on the feet and think hoe lucky we are to havd beautiful beaches to walk along
    We arrived in Berlin last night and I am heading for a swimming pool pretty soon. Take care Mike. Love



  6. Hi Mike

    I’m not sure if this will reach you. I’ve been following your blogs and enjoying your stories. I’m really sorry that you had these medical problems but glad it seems to be getting sorted Would love to catch up sometime but not sure how you are feeling or how your time is.




    • Hi there Mike. Courageous, caring and inspirational people like your good self are welcomed and much appreciated where-ever you go. It is saddening to learn that you are not in good health but on a bright side – we are fortunate to have you in the Freo area again. You perform a great service to humanity. There are many of us who admire your volunteered service for the local community, and organisations that support the community. Your achievements to date are heart-warming and outstanding. I am proud to know you. May you return to good health soon and choose the next step on your life path. Ron


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