Life off the road week 6

Life off the road    Week  6 .                        10/8/2014

Getting close to the time to leave and am starting to panic a little becaue I still do not have transport and there are a few things to do.

This week has been a bit more pleasant as the pain is lessening somewhat and the number of times of sleep interruption is also going down. Will consider taking a “bottle” with me it’s one thing to have sleep interrupted and another to get out a tent in the middle of the night.

We had a lovely breakfast on Saturday organised by Frank and the two walking groups about 16 of us at the OBH Ocean Beach Hotel. They have a very nice all day breakfast for $10 suits all our budgets. Chance to say goodbye to them all at once.

It sounds like I know when I am leaving the only definite time is the surgeon said do not lift or push anything until the 27th August. I need to get there before hand to repair the buggy and do some shopping and replace tyers.

This week I have to go to Mountain Design to negotiate a new spot device that was sold to me and not able to be activated because it was out of date. Purchased a self-inflating matress and stuff bags etc.



May soon be VOYAGE CONTINUOUS for Mike Pauly


On June 27, 2014, Mike reported to his Dear Friends, that he had to interrupt his journey for surgery. The surgery on a strangulated hernia went well. Mr Bill Johnstone, the FreoMenShed as President, took a photo of Mike and me enjoying the moment at the FreoMenShed on Saturday 9-8-14. Mike has recovered sufficiently to exercise and regain lost strength. Some good exercise was achieved by joining the Wednesday Walkers from the One Stop Shop in Fremantle’s Kings Square. Mike started the walking group for over 55’s with the backing of One Stop Shop. He is in good spirit with his health improving daily. There are also some repairs required to Mike’s trolly after a friendly dog helpfully retrieved some food from  it while stored at Fitzroy Crossing.  As Mike said earlier, “This is a minor setback as I will continue the journey from Fitzroy Crossing as soon as I get the all clear after surgery”. We are wishing Mike good fortune and improving health during preparation for his journey. Mike is confident and determined to resume helping others, so you may see him on an outback road again soon. Feel free to ask him about how you can make a donation. 

You can contact Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA on 9388 2199 or email   and you can contact the FreoMen’s Shed on 9336 3959 or email 

Lets support Mike as he supports the local community and local organisations?


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