Continued 1st March 2015 resumption

Before I left had a meeting with the CEO of the Arthritis Foundation and tried to explain that because I was robbed of a large sum of money(For me) that I had to replace, my credit cards and all identification. I felt it reasonable to ask for an EFTPOS machine as I would no longer be collecting cash. They decided against this and they did not like the idea of competing with 4RG For Our Grand Children and Citizens Climate Lobby. I am sure they can tell you there reasons better than I can. This will not stop me talking about Arthritis as I feel very much in tune with people with Arthritis ; why not I have lived with Osteoarthritis for 40 years or so.
Incidentally Fremantle Men’s Shed will purchase a small EFTPOS gadget and I will continue to fund raise for Men’s Health nd Well Being. FMS has a program whereby they take 10 men for ten weeks learning new skills wood and metal work I am told this program has proven to be exceptionally successful. We trust this will spread to other sheds.

Hi Fellow Travellers
I am 97 mms outside of Fitzroy Crossing. The weather has been averaging close to 40 dog C all week.
I sleep during the day as much as possible and walk at night. I have learnt some valuable lessons this week about managing water and my body. Yesterday I was taken into hospital from an aboriginal Arts Community Mngurra part of a larger community the before all the people I had met were very kind to me Gordon and his family gave me iced water although power was out all over. After a recovery period I went on my way stoping at the Arts Centre. Daniel came along and said you rest here. They kindly left the toilet unlocked and the solar light on.
Two days previously I had gastro I’ll spare you the details; I took a gastro stop capsule and waited. Then I was constipated and not wanting to risk another hernia I decided that if nothing happened I would have to see a doctor.
It was the one day of the week there was had no nurse visit on site. Gerard who collects the time sheets said he could give me a lift back to FX but not til the afternoon. He rang for an ambulance some how both the two nurses and the Ambulance all arrived together. So I had three nurses. John the nurse in the ambulance was very thorough checking everything. Turns out it was low blood pressure and dehydration. Got an IV drip and medication and I am now hale and hearty again. Note I have had high blood pressure for 40 years.
I will just list some other things that went wrong:
a) I have had no batteries for my head lamp (ie torch.) like being semi blind.
B) Because it’s been overcast the solar batteries can’t keep up with night walking.
C) Credit card lost
D) Robbed by 5-6 young girls while I was asleep. Woke up to see them all waving good bye. More a look see than a robbery.
E)My Script glasses lost which meant I could not communicate phone or mobile add to that phone is not working at home.

Good things is I’m still here and seeing the beautiful country; the people the lessons I’m learning.
Life is beautiful enjoy it

4 thoughts on “Continued 1st March 2015 resumption

  1. Hi Mike
    Hope you well and happy again….what an ordeal you have been through… must have been able to buy some new glasses….you need one of those cords that hang around your neck with glasses attached
    :>)) sorry won’t give anymore advice. LOL..the main thing, is, that your okay!!
    Much love and good wishes for your journey! Barbara Z xox


  2. Hi Mike, Enough already of the dehydration and robberies. Hopefully, the rest of the journey will be a little smoother.
    love, marina


  3. Unbelievable start but here’s hoping all goes well from now. You are a true inspiration or maybe just plain mad! Best wishes Mike and happy traveling.
    Mary and warren


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