Resumed on 1st March 2015

What a first week of resuming the walk. Some of hard to believe mostly caused by my own carelessness and being in two minds about continuing. The two mindedness is mainly about leaving MaryEllen on he own while sh is still grieving. Even with her reassuring me many times; I’m still left with the feeling that something’s wrong about it.
While she seems to be in a bit of dilemma between encouraging me to follow my dream and not wanting me to feel that I am not valued at home.
As usual I remember Carlos Castaneda words a. Where two paths diverge follow the path with a heart. Easier said than done when both paths are heart paths.

What a week Ken Hendricks picked me up from home in Fremantle he had a long trailer so we got of to a great start by leading him up a blind alley where it took half an hour manoeuvre out. Then back onto the Canning Highway then left at Midland. All the way to Karratha 1880 mms with only 2-3 pit stops Ken had prepared food and drinks for the whole journey ( He’s not only patience but wise). We left 3.30 am and arrived at 8.15 pm. I felt safe and comfortable all the way ; something to be said to not walking.

Fran prepared us a delicious meal and a beautiful red; life’s good on the road. We stayed overnight then Ken drove me onto Broome. We arrived 4.30 in Broome where the Broome Men’s Shed met us; Ken and I had a meal with Clive and Christine. Clive is the President of the Broome Mens Shed. Christine cooked a a beautiful vegetarian meal and Ciive enhanced with chicken. I enjoyed my Cheese and Tomato sandwiches made with multigrain bread.

Next morning Ken left to go back to Karratha.
Clive and Ted wired up and charged the solar panel and battery ;I was too disorganised to get Fran to do it which he would have done willingly befor we left,
Broome Men fixed the new pennant to the new buggy.
Neil Armstrong fixed the last one but it could not work the same on the different design of the new Chariot.
The merry men from BMS and I took of for Fitzroy Crossing. Clive and Eric in the back seat nattered together for most of the journey and Ted and myself on the front with Ted driving to Willard Bridge and Clive from there to Fitzroy Crossing. To Be continued Mike Pauly

3 thoughts on “Resumed on 1st March 2015

  1. Hi Mike. Good to hear from you. I appreciate your dilemma. It seems to me that if you decide to hang up your hat (trust you are wearing one in that hot sun) you should do so happy in the knowledge that you have already made a remarkable achievement in your first walk and have galvanized some good support and camaraderie with all the people you met through the men’s shed and others. So it’s a job well done Mike. Cheers and good luck.



  2. Hi Mike, thanks for the update from the Menshed Geraldton, your walk is amazing, we suppose the best part is all the helpers on the way where ever you are. All people all over will continue like us to follow your stories & walk. all the best, Ross


  3. Mike we in the military say that the only easy day was yesterday, but I reckon you already know that, so to a tough old bugger like you I would just say faith forward and glory lead.
    Irish Mick.


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