Another Delay Halls Creek

I managed to get to Halls Creek 289 Kms from Fitzroy Crossing. Thanks to Helen* for picking me up from Hospital and taking me to the Wangkatjunga turnoff at the Ngumpan Community.Where I had left my buggy at the Mgurra Arts Centre where I had been allowed to camp before being taken back to the FC Hospital. * Helen (from Disability services who kindly let me leave my buggy at he place last year)
Somehow I had managed to walk to Halls Creek with very trying conditions; temperatures around the 40 degrees C in the shade if you can find any. The added difficulties of having no lights and no glasses, no radio mad life difficult. Fortunately I had a small flashing light that I could use to walk at night daytime walking was almost impossible after 9 am.
Water was also a major problem as I was drinking 6 litres a day and only capable of walking 20 kms per day. That works out if I could not rely on the generosity of travellers and truckies I would have to carry 90 litres or 90 kegs of water. Fortunately water is not a problem even with so few cars on the road.
I managed the day by walking from 6.00pm in the evening till 11pm put up the tent one handed while holding the phone with the light on it. Slept until 1.30 am and walked till put up the tent with whatever shade I could find. This part was torture sitting as still as possible in the heat trying not to use to much energy trying to sleep and holding a piece of roofing insulation as shade as the sun moves around. Unbelievably he heat on the other side of the sun was too hot to hold.
I managed to get to Halls Creek almost intact except for disiness and extremely worrying cramp in the hands. So off I go again to the Halls Creek Hospital for another saline drip and numerous tests.
The Doctor who looked after me was a Dr Carr which he pronounced as Care how appropriate. He said I must stay in HC for four days at least because my dehydration was at a cellular level and takes that time to rehydrate.
Couple of other problems emerged the phosphates in the electrolytes I have been taking in combination with my blood pressure tablets lowered my BP too much. Also the blood tests sent to Broome got mixed up. Dr Carr suggested that the safest approach would be to go home for at least a month. So that’s what I did got a bus from HC to Broome and flew home. I will be back to recommence the walk in a month.
Mike Pauly

3 thoughts on “Another Delay Halls Creek

  1. Hi Mike
    I think the doctor has given you good advice. Take the time you need to get your body ready.
    And good wishes from all the old time friends here in Melbourne


  2. Well we were missing you anyway so everyone wins and you have some respite from what sounds like impossible walking conditions…so where’s the buggy?


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