Leaving Timber Creek


I am posting this from my phone which is pretty cumbersome with my fat fingers and a small keys .
This is just to let you all know that all is well. As I was Advized the other day bad news travels fast and good Nes travels very slowly so donot worry. I have been of the air for 7 days and will not be able to make a call for the next 10-12 days
Best wishes to all of you thanks for your patience.
Lo e to all

4 thoughts on “Leaving Timber Creek

  1. Good to hear all’s well. Keep travelling safely and happily. We look forward to the next installment in your adventures. Love Helen & Neil


  2. Well Mike I think we did you proud at the Denmark Festival.We even sang “walk with me” to a new member of VM who proposed to his girlfriend in St Leonards Church after our performance.Enjoy the warmth of the north as we were pretty damned cold in the SWCheersIan C

    Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2015 04:28:58 +0000 To: perisher48@hotmail.com


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