Katherine the Great

Will leave Katherine much relaxed and relieved to be out of WA and feeling like I am making progress.

As usual the journey is made of joy and woe the joy is the people you meet. Good example was meeting Camillia who had just dropped the children off at school she gave me som much needed water and invited me to stay at the Newry Cattle Homestead about 30 is up the road having already don 12 kms meant would have to walk 42 that day ; I did which showed me that we limit ourselves by our self talk I have been saying that I only do 30kms a day. When I got there I met Camiia ‘s delightful family Tom the father and Tom junior Danielle and Brittany. They cooked me a lAvish meal while I had a shower . The children werea delight firing questions at me with rapid fire and from three directions.noprofessional could have out more than they did in Such a short time.

Also met Bill the manager of the Hulbert Station part of the same group saved my bacon as I had flat tyre two wheels cracked and a lost pump;without Bills help I would have been up the proverbial creek.

Met   Criss from Oxford in UK  Kim from the Nethrlands and Maeve from Nicein sout of France we had Tea and Cake.

Rod And Joan spent 3 hours  fixing punctures with me turned out our main problem was a bike pump I bought I bought had a French connection and was letting down there instead of up. Rod tried to get a tyre from Tim dr Creek but no luck.

some time ago I met Brian Midgely he sailed around Oz and is now on a BMW (like you David) motorbike he’s ging from  Noosa to Noosa after that he has a plane to y around Oz when he finishes his lessons.

Met Chris at Kunnanurra he is planning a trip with his Girlfreind to wa.lk around NZ he used to work in the store at Galata on the  Nullabor

what I’m Reading.:  Meaditations of a Solitary Walker. by Jean-Jaques Rouseu

im wanting to make sense of what I’m doing through someone else’s eyes.

it records RouseUs sense of isolation and alienation in an increasingly complicated society (and more so today.

it is taken from  Reveries of the Solitary Walk which seems to me to translate better as the dreams of the walker.

It’s the struggle between the yearning to be with people and the yearning for solitude.

i shall still enjoy the charms of company ; and in my decrepitude I shall live with my earlier self as I might a younger friend.

i see this as storing up visual images not only for my art but for a happy older age and later still,

Also readi Lysistrata by Aristophanes:

The women of Greece are weary of the War between Sparta and Athens they decide to control the situations by going on a sex strike.

could this work with our biggest polluters or there spokesmen the politicians; what about it Mrs Abbott. Really do something for the generation to come.

Sorry for peoe I have missed I will Cath up later.

Love to all


6 thoughts on “Katherine the Great

  1. Hi Mike
    Sòunds like you are back on track! You wouldnt believe it but I read Jean Jacques in French! “Les Sept Revrries du Promeneur Solitaire” I loved that book and have thought of it atmtimes over the years. A great choice for the road.
    Love Kate


    • Mike, glad you had some great hospitality in NT. I spent 18 months there teaching Aboriginal children many years ago and enjoyed the experience.
      I know what you mean about sometimes wanting company and other times enjoying solitude. Keep up the good work!

      Dale Halnan.


  2. Mike,
    Whats the secret with the van alarm. Scared the **** out of Mary Ellen. Alsop, when I was a youngster I surfed with a Brian Midgely. Is he very tall ? He lived in Sydney way back then. …sixties.
    Bat and Ball


  3. Hi Mike.
    Thank you for the update and your thought’s about things. I like following you on facebook and being a very small part of what you are doing. You are brave. I understand your longing for solitude and at the same time missing being together with other people. I have over the years been in that predicament several times but I keep going back to my moments of solitude. Cheers Ove.


  4. Mike, so glad everything is going well. We think of you often. We went to a quiz night organized by Colleen last Saturday for animal aid abroad. Frank was there also. We didn’t win but it was a good evening.. Love getting your messages. Mary and Warren

    Sent from Mary’s iPad



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