Life off the road week 6

Life off the road    Week  6 .                        10/8/2014

Getting close to the time to leave and am starting to panic a little becaue I still do not have transport and there are a few things to do.

This week has been a bit more pleasant as the pain is lessening somewhat and the number of times of sleep interruption is also going down. Will consider taking a “bottle” with me it’s one thing to have sleep interrupted and another to get out a tent in the middle of the night.

We had a lovely breakfast on Saturday organised by Frank and the two walking groups about 16 of us at the OBH Ocean Beach Hotel. They have a very nice all day breakfast for $10 suits all our budgets. Chance to say goodbye to them all at once.

It sounds like I know when I am leaving the only definite time is the surgeon said do not lift or push anything until the 27th August. I need to get there before hand to repair the buggy and do some shopping and replace tyers.

This week I have to go to Mountain Design to negotiate a new spot device that was sold to me and not able to be activated because it was out of date. Purchased a self-inflating matress and stuff bags etc.



May soon be VOYAGE CONTINUOUS for Mike Pauly


On June 27, 2014, Mike reported to his Dear Friends, that he had to interrupt his journey for surgery. The surgery on a strangulated hernia went well. Mr Bill Johnstone, the FreoMenShed as President, took a photo of Mike and me enjoying the moment at the FreoMenShed on Saturday 9-8-14. Mike has recovered sufficiently to exercise and regain lost strength. Some good exercise was achieved by joining the Wednesday Walkers from the One Stop Shop in Fremantle’s Kings Square. Mike started the walking group for over 55’s with the backing of One Stop Shop. He is in good spirit with his health improving daily. There are also some repairs required to Mike’s trolly after a friendly dog helpfully retrieved some food from  it while stored at Fitzroy Crossing.  As Mike said earlier, “This is a minor setback as I will continue the journey from Fitzroy Crossing as soon as I get the all clear after surgery”. We are wishing Mike good fortune and improving health during preparation for his journey. Mike is confident and determined to resume helping others, so you may see him on an outback road again soon. Feel free to ask him about how you can make a donation. 

You can contact Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA on 9388 2199 or email   and you can contact the FreoMen’s Shed on 9336 3959 or email 

Lets support Mike as he supports the local community and local organisations?


Life off the road 3

Life off the Road 3       13th July  Sunday 2014

This is my first day out of bed after trauma. Need to buy some clothes with new body size.

My surgeon rang Sunday night to say the blood tests still show some Bugs. I asked Ken a neighbour to take me to get a prescription.  Progress seems to be slow at the moment.

People  who have inspired  me – Molly Craig                                                                               The three children portrayed in the book and the film “The Rabbit Proof Fence”Molly Craig and Daisy were sisters and Gracie was a cousin Molly and Daisy walked from Moore River to Jiggalong some 2400 kms over 9 weeks. The children were taken from their mothers; this time become known as the “Stolen Generation” It was argued that it was for their own good. It was done without compassion or consideration of the impact on all the families.  Molly showed great leadership and knowledge of her environment.  It demonstrates that even a child with a goal and definiteness of purpose can do amazimg things. The universe aligns up to support us when we set goals.

People  Who Have Inspired  Me – Terry Bolland                                                                               A friend of mine took me to meet Terry at Canoeing Down Under his business at Terry navigated the Kimberlies in a Canoe. Also paddled for 20,000 kms in US, Canada and Alaska.  Terry gave me advice on water carrying methods and quantities. Canoeing and pushing a pram have similar problems that is volume and weight limit what it is possible to take. Essentials like food and water must take precedent

People who have inspired  me – Bill Johnstone                                                                                  Bill has inspired and assisted some 134 Men’s sheds to be established in Western Australia  he is the epitome of the quiet achiever. He instigated the Alma Street Project that we are walking for along with Arthritis Research.  Alma Street is the mental health wing of the Fremantle Hospital, Bill instigated talking  10 men for 10 weeks at the Fremantle Mens Shed. Giving them the experience of working with different skills and different men.;and being part of the community. This program used to be partly funded by grants but it was difficult to have continuity. Our walk allows this to have the much needed consistency. To know more about Bill and Freo Men’s Shed have a look at the video produced by Peter Alcock

  1.                                                                                                16th July still crook I have two more days of anti Bacteria tablets I am still bloated and in pain sleep is difficult only getting 45 minutes at a time and I feel worn out

17th July lft home for first time.

18th July Still not able to walk will go and have coffee with walking group at Swanbourne. T is sad to see my hard earned muscle mass quickly disappearing. This will give me a strong incentive to get fit. Remembering not to start too soon.

Mike Pauly

Life off the road 2

Life Off The Road 2                  Saturday 4th July 2014 – Saturday 11th July 2014

Aquarobics at Fremantle pool at 7.10 will have to walk down as the car still not going.

 Went to Tony Backhouse Gospel singing workshop Tony is very talented and can get anyone  to sing out in a relaxed and joyful way. He quoted St Augustine that to sing is to pray twice. Such beautiful harmonies really heavenly music.

Back In Hospital

Saturday night excruciating pain ; got out of bed with great difficulty; opened front door and went on the toilet with a phone , rang Kerensa and she rang Ambulance for me.  Taken off the toilet and into Freo Hospital. Was then transferred to SJOG Murdock Hospital where I was operated on again for observation and repair. I had developed a hematoma and was bleeding.

Got out on the Wednesday 9th July still a little tender so I will take things quietly; and let myself heal properly.


Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it  Rabindranath Tagore

Receive from others with an open heart. Other people’s generosity is a mark of their affection. Be gracious when receiving these gifts.

             Pay attention to kind words spoken to you

                                                              Appreciate the value in everything you receive

                     Sit and enjoy the gift of sunshine


If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is Thank You , it will be enough

                      Acknowledge  help from others with Gratitude

                                                                  Give heartfelt thanks through action and words

 Be thankful for the little things you may take for granted


 I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.

EB White                                  

Choose to be optimistic and make positivity your reality. Look on the bright side of life and you will begin to see the inherent goodness in nature and others around you. The future is yours to transform-let go of past anxieties and worries, and live for the moment.

        Choose to spend time with optimistic people

                                                    List the positives of an event you are feeling pessimistic about

                                                Revel in the brightness and vitality of nature


Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going  to determine how you’re going to live your life

                                                              Joel Osteen

Where you put your focus in life is where  the energy will flow.  Choosing to have a positive outlook will contribute to the enrichment of the world and the lives of the inhabitants.

    Find the silver lining in every cloud

                                         Make time to laugh with others

                                                              Let animals at play lift your spirits


Abundance is not something we acquire It is something we tune into.

                                                              Wayne Dyer   

The planet is overflowing with an abundance of beauty and natural gifts. There is plenty for all creatures –human and animal- if we learn to gift and receive with balance and appreciation.

Show gratitude  for all that you have has been given and share it with others.

                      Appreciate all you have the large and the small things

Sit in a garden or field and surround yourself with flowers and trees


                                   Instruction for living a life.

                                   Pay attention.

                                   Be astonished.

                                 Tell about it

                                                          Mary Oliver

Take time to stop, pay attention and be grateful. Listen to your intuition and don’t let life pass you by.

       Eat with attentiveness – savour each mouthful

When out in nature, pay full attention to your surroundings with every sense engaged.

Spend a day pampering yourself- you deserve it

                                                    OPEN HEARTEDNESS

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart.

                                                     THE BUDDHA

Open heartedness and vulnerability go hand in hand. The heart should be open to all life experiences –both good and bad. What is more important is the attitude with which we approach all encounters and then reflect on them. Let go all fear and keep the heart open for the flow of gratitude.

                                                      Make time for heartfelt conversation                                                                                                             Comfort a friend in need – listen without judgement

                                       Volunteer at an animal shelter


Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.

                                                              DALE CARNEGIE 

The tiniest seed of positivity is enough to bring intense joy to your life . Let down your barriers and your positive  feelings will grow day by day.             Don’t wait –  be happy today while life is happening around you.                        Be grateful for the freedom and power you have to enrich your world.

Sit and refect on a time when you were happy—bring that feeling into the present moment

                                Send a positive message to someone close to you

Do something selfless that brings joy to another creature—human or animal


True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.                                        C. S. LEWIS

 We as individuals each contribute to humanity in our own way, be it big or small. We are all important unique beings who cannot be compared.

Accept friendly advice with grace and consideration            

 Be open to someone whom you may have misjudged in the past.                                                                                             Learn a new skill — allow yourself to enjoy being taught by someone                   else


In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.

                                                               Make a connection with nature today                Join a community group                                                                                                                                                                                                      Connect with your inner self through meditation     

This has been my self indulgence so that I do not have to carry the book although it is just a smallbook it has lovely pictures you can buy the book from Australian Geographic it is written by Steve Parish and Kate Prentice. IT does fit in with my life philosopy of “Love is Letting Go Of Fear” Thanks to Kath Jordon for a delicious spicy soup left on the doorstep while I was taken back into hospital. Also Heather Ruggeri and Colleen McKennie for soup also delicious and shopping and visits. Thanks To Andrew and Kerensa for help and shopping and there visits.                  Mike Pauly                                                                                                                                                                                              

Life Off the Road

Wednesday 1st July 2014
Joined the Wednesday walkers from the One Stop Shop a group I started for over 55’s with the backing of the OSS who provided coffee vouchers to get the walkers addicted to coffee and camaraderie. It was a short walk which allowed me to join in. The idea is to discover the 11 different walks in Fremantle; see Visit Fremantle web site. This includes a Wikipedia Site you can follow on your smart phone.
We went to the Aboriginal Community in the Pilots cottages next to the Round House were given a talk by Marissa Verna the MD of Bindi Bindi Dreaming (Bindi means Butterfly) About twenty non aboriginal; interested in knowing more about culture and history. We were shown some videos of early history of the land right battles and scenes from “Rabbit Proof Fence” depicting the terrible impact on the lives of families. The stolen generation has had a devastating impact on the lives of the aboriginal people. I asked would it be possible down the track for a response to the “Sorry” speech by Kevin Rudd if it would be possible for the Aboriginal people to forgive us for our wrong doings. My experience with the “Course in Miracles at the Centre for Attitudinal Healing that to forgive is healing for the forgiver than for the forgiven. It was agreed that we both need a lot more time yet.
My aim is to learn as much as I can about our fellow Australians especially as I intend to keep visiting the Clontarf schools as I walk around.
Thursday 2nd July 2014
MaryEllen went to school today and will go to the airport afterwards to fly to Canada to see her Mother.
I am catching Public transport to go into Perth to renew my Seniors card and my Transperth travel card. Surprised they issued my Senior card on the spot. Started charging the batteries on my Campervan so I can get around also would like to sell it if I can. Tried talking to people on the train and on the platform and discovered life is very different in the city. People are more fearful of each other.
Have to find a tenant to share my studio while I am away. Jackie and Lynne are sisters who have been using the studio are leaving they have given me a month’s notice.
Went to One Stop Shop on way back from the City of Perth. Had a discussion about the pain we are feeling about the dying of the planet wether we admit it or not the collective unconscious is suffering openly or in denial . We are being distracted so that the businesses that are benefitting by continuing the global madness of polluting and using all our resources can continue accumulating wealth and power. The very stuff that is needed to mitigate the problem.
Bought a little book called Gratitude at the Australian Geographic Shop by Steve Parrish. In the introduction it stated .”There may be times in our lives when we find it difficult to feel thankful. Removing the barriers is part of healing and growing process. This journey can be a positive experience through which we express gratitude for the smallest gifts of life. Through gratitude ,we learn to respect the relationship between nature and others.

The most fortunate are those who have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy. Abraham Maslow
Be Grateful for any small thing today
Donate something to charity- time and presence can be just as valuable as money
Appreciate the magnificence in nature
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible DALAI LAMA
Show care for the natural world with a small gesture every day
Treat yourself to something special
Smile with kindness and sincerity
When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others DALAI LAMA
Have a ‘sorry’ day – use this time to repair relationship with those whom you have shown disrespect
Enrich your body and mind with exercise and healthy nutritious food
Familiarise yourself with positive traits of an animal you do not like.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness, Kindness in giving creates love LAO TZU
Give the gift of a smile every day.
Thankfully give a portion of what you receive
Plant local and native plants in your nature strip for wildlife and others to enjoy

Friday 3rd July 2014 Couldn’t get the van started so I walked from home to meet up with the Friday walkers Frank ,Hazel and Cynthia. Lorna , Barbara are in Europe and Peta’s away somewhere.
Tonight going to Tony Backhouse gospel singing workshop.
Mike Pauly

Fitzroy Crossing to Hospital

24th June, Day 116 (We will freeze the days until I start the walk again on the 26th August 2014)
Fitzroy Crossing to Hospital
I went to Fitzroy Hospital and had a diagnosed potential strangulated hernia; the doctor showed me how to push the bowel back into place and told me the options which was if wind or contents could not pass through then get to a hospital ASAP . I decided to go on and I left FC and monitor the condition. I left Tuesday 24th and got as far as across the two river bridges. When I got across I could not walk without great pain. David a guy on a motorbike stopped to help me; he rode down to the lodge Caravan Park and parked his bike and hailed a car to take me into the park. He then pushed my buggy to a nice site and helped me put my tent up. A good nights sleep and I was ok to go back to FC . Thanks to David and Graham and all his friends from Ag college.
Wednesday 25th I went to the Tourist Information to book busses back to Perth while I was waiting for the office to open some children “ Found” my mobile phone. A very kind Aunt went to the trouble to return my phone that evening.
My previous benefactors Ken and Fran in Karatha would not allow me to go by bus so they booked and paid for a Qantas flight from Broome. Helen drove me to the bus stop at at 1.00am Thursday for a 1.20 departure the bus did not arrive till 3.40am. The bus barely made enough time to catch the flight. Fortunately; Clive President of Broome Men’s Shed was waiting to take me to the Airport.
Took taxi from airport to home arrived 2.20 pm Thursday 26th. MaryEllen got home from teaching and took me to my GP who diagnosed a double ingunal hernias and arranged a referral for a surgeon at St John of God in Murdock to inspect. All the office staff waited after hours for us to get there at 5.30 pm ; It was decided to operate at St John of God at Mount Lawley in the morning.
Thanks to MaryEllen for juggling not only me but took Kerensa for Chemo on the same day. It was necessary to have MaryEllen with me because I had no identification or credit card.
Operated Friday 27th and stayed overnight and discharged on Saturday 28th .
Fitzroy Crossing before the Drama
Arrived Sunday 22nd and stayed with Helen she works as Indigenous disability co-ordinator and generously looked after me while in FC I also left my buggy/pram there.
On Monday I went to Clontarf to talk to the young people the teachers were very good I had a talk to them first and they explained to the Boys ie The Football Academy and about six girls from The Girls Academy whose focus is on netball and basketball and of all that goes with that education and life skills the same as the boys. They were all very attentive and I learned a lot about there particular group or skin and where they travel from to get to school. Very impressed. Because I went to the hospital which took most of the day because I had to come back in the afternoon for a Doctors appointment; this meant I couldn’t get to the Men’s Shed
Fitzroy Crossing Men’s Shed was started by Andrew Forrest and is managed by CEO Alan Scott.
The Shed is called Gurama Yani U which is a Bunaba phrase which translates to ‘ For All Men’ in English.
Their vision statement is to ‘to empower all men of the Fitzroy Valley through unity’ Their strength is 90 % Indigenous work force it is a little different from other sheds ;and of course they are al different Gurama Yani U hires men and equipment to provide employment and income. Their work is varied and all the men receive training in a wide choice of work : such as
Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Landsaping, Earthmoving, Fencing, Lawn Mowing, Renovation, Roads and Car Parks and Cleaning as well being open to new and innovative projects I was very impressed with their organisation. Pricing and quotations can be had from Alan Scott at
Special thanks to Grahame Campbell owner of the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park in Broome for giving me excellent accommodation with beautiful views and facilities.

Mike Pauly

Voyage Interruptus

Dear Friends

Reporting that I have to interrupt my journey for surgery; I have a strangulated hernia that makes it impossible to walk more than a few steps until I can pop it back in; and more painfull than having three children as I told Renee.
This is a minor setback as I will continue the journey from Fitzroy Crossing as soon as I get the all clear after surgery. Providing I am not into the wet season up here I would have to swim with the crocs.

Best regards
Mike Pauly