Fun in the Goldfields

I am in Coolgardie at the moment using the Council’s computer trying to bring everyone up to date after such a long time. I walked yesterday from Kalgoorlie 39 kms narrow walking strip consequently my feet are bruised from getting on and off the road.
Along the road I met Sara who contacted Leanne the daughter of the Men’s Shed’s President . When I arrived at 7.15 pm in the dark I was told the Men’s Shed had booked me into a motel ;luxury.
Yesterday I had my medications stolen and discovered my scripts were out of date. Waiting till 2.30pm to get scripts emailed. Tomorrow the Shire CEO will take me into Kalgoorlie to get the scripts filled out. Im staying tonight at his place. I have only 580 kms. to go to be back in Perth to fly to Bali for Renee’s and Toms Wedding. Flight on May 14th ; After the wedding I will go back to Esperance to continue the journey around the coast back to Fremantle.
I was tempted to get a train back to Perth for the Fairbridge Folk Festival where our choir was asked to perform; just as a spectator as its been a couple of years since I’ve been to Choir practice.
When I went to the Men’s Shed Conference in October the CEO appointed a Guardian Angel to look after me.
He goes by the earthly name of Brian Durrant ; he has been most faithful and patient and has listened to my gripes with great humour. He watches my every movement with great interest on Life 360 he denies seeing all my movements.
My apologies for not keeping you up to date since I sent my computer back home.
Will try to do better.
Love to you all.
Mike Pauly

Katherine the Great

Will leave Katherine much relaxed and relieved to be out of WA and feeling like I am making progress.

As usual the journey is made of joy and woe the joy is the people you meet. Good example was meeting Camillia who had just dropped the children off at school she gave me som much needed water and invited me to stay at the Newry Cattle Homestead about 30 is up the road having already don 12 kms meant would have to walk 42 that day ; I did which showed me that we limit ourselves by our self talk I have been saying that I only do 30kms a day. When I got there I met Camiia ‘s delightful family Tom the father and Tom junior Danielle and Brittany. They cooked me a lAvish meal while I had a shower . The children werea delight firing questions at me with rapid fire and from three directions.noprofessional could have out more than they did in Such a short time.

Also met Bill the manager of the Hulbert Station part of the same group saved my bacon as I had flat tyre two wheels cracked and a lost pump;without Bills help I would have been up the proverbial creek.

Met   Criss from Oxford in UK  Kim from the Nethrlands and Maeve from Nicein sout of France we had Tea and Cake.

Rod And Joan spent 3 hours  fixing punctures with me turned out our main problem was a bike pump I bought I bought had a French connection and was letting down there instead of up. Rod tried to get a tyre from Tim dr Creek but no luck.

some time ago I met Brian Midgely he sailed around Oz and is now on a BMW (like you David) motorbike he’s ging from  Noosa to Noosa after that he has a plane to y around Oz when he finishes his lessons.

Met Chris at Kunnanurra he is planning a trip with his Girlfreind to around NZ he used to work in the store at Galata on the  Nullabor

what I’m Reading.:  Meaditations of a Solitary Walker. by Jean-Jaques Rouseu

im wanting to make sense of what I’m doing through someone else’s eyes.

it records RouseUs sense of isolation and alienation in an increasingly complicated society (and more so today.

it is taken from  Reveries of the Solitary Walk which seems to me to translate better as the dreams of the walker.

It’s the struggle between the yearning to be with people and the yearning for solitude.

i shall still enjoy the charms of company ; and in my decrepitude I shall live with my earlier self as I might a younger friend.

i see this as storing up visual images not only for my art but for a happy older age and later still,

Also readi Lysistrata by Aristophanes:

The women of Greece are weary of the War between Sparta and Athens they decide to control the situations by going on a sex strike.

could this work with our biggest polluters or there spokesmen the politicians; what about it Mrs Abbott. Really do something for the generation to come.

Sorry for peoe I have missed I will Cath up later.

Love to all


Leaving Timber Creek


I am posting this from my phone which is pretty cumbersome with my fat fingers and a small keys .
This is just to let you all know that all is well. As I was Advized the other day bad news travels fast and good Nes travels very slowly so donot worry. I have been of the air for 7 days and will not be able to make a call for the next 10-12 days
Best wishes to all of you thanks for your patience.
Lo e to all

Another Delay Halls Creek

I managed to get to Halls Creek 289 Kms from Fitzroy Crossing. Thanks to Helen* for picking me up from Hospital and taking me to the Wangkatjunga turnoff at the Ngumpan Community.Where I had left my buggy at the Mgurra Arts Centre where I had been allowed to camp before being taken back to the FC Hospital. * Helen (from Disability services who kindly let me leave my buggy at he place last year)
Somehow I had managed to walk to Halls Creek with very trying conditions; temperatures around the 40 degrees C in the shade if you can find any. The added difficulties of having no lights and no glasses, no radio mad life difficult. Fortunately I had a small flashing light that I could use to walk at night daytime walking was almost impossible after 9 am.
Water was also a major problem as I was drinking 6 litres a day and only capable of walking 20 kms per day. That works out if I could not rely on the generosity of travellers and truckies I would have to carry 90 litres or 90 kegs of water. Fortunately water is not a problem even with so few cars on the road.
I managed the day by walking from 6.00pm in the evening till 11pm put up the tent one handed while holding the phone with the light on it. Slept until 1.30 am and walked till put up the tent with whatever shade I could find. This part was torture sitting as still as possible in the heat trying not to use to much energy trying to sleep and holding a piece of roofing insulation as shade as the sun moves around. Unbelievably he heat on the other side of the sun was too hot to hold.
I managed to get to Halls Creek almost intact except for disiness and extremely worrying cramp in the hands. So off I go again to the Halls Creek Hospital for another saline drip and numerous tests.
The Doctor who looked after me was a Dr Carr which he pronounced as Care how appropriate. He said I must stay in HC for four days at least because my dehydration was at a cellular level and takes that time to rehydrate.
Couple of other problems emerged the phosphates in the electrolytes I have been taking in combination with my blood pressure tablets lowered my BP too much. Also the blood tests sent to Broome got mixed up. Dr Carr suggested that the safest approach would be to go home for at least a month. So that’s what I did got a bus from HC to Broome and flew home. I will be back to recommence the walk in a month.
Mike Pauly

Continued 1st March 2015 resumption

Before I left had a meeting with the CEO of the Arthritis Foundation and tried to explain that because I was robbed of a large sum of money(For me) that I had to replace, my credit cards and all identification. I felt it reasonable to ask for an EFTPOS machine as I would no longer be collecting cash. They decided against this and they did not like the idea of competing with 4RG For Our Grand Children and Citizens Climate Lobby. I am sure they can tell you there reasons better than I can. This will not stop me talking about Arthritis as I feel very much in tune with people with Arthritis ; why not I have lived with Osteoarthritis for 40 years or so.
Incidentally Fremantle Men’s Shed will purchase a small EFTPOS gadget and I will continue to fund raise for Men’s Health nd Well Being. FMS has a program whereby they take 10 men for ten weeks learning new skills wood and metal work I am told this program has proven to be exceptionally successful. We trust this will spread to other sheds.

Hi Fellow Travellers
I am 97 mms outside of Fitzroy Crossing. The weather has been averaging close to 40 dog C all week.
I sleep during the day as much as possible and walk at night. I have learnt some valuable lessons this week about managing water and my body. Yesterday I was taken into hospital from an aboriginal Arts Community Mngurra part of a larger community the before all the people I had met were very kind to me Gordon and his family gave me iced water although power was out all over. After a recovery period I went on my way stoping at the Arts Centre. Daniel came along and said you rest here. They kindly left the toilet unlocked and the solar light on.
Two days previously I had gastro I’ll spare you the details; I took a gastro stop capsule and waited. Then I was constipated and not wanting to risk another hernia I decided that if nothing happened I would have to see a doctor.
It was the one day of the week there was had no nurse visit on site. Gerard who collects the time sheets said he could give me a lift back to FX but not til the afternoon. He rang for an ambulance some how both the two nurses and the Ambulance all arrived together. So I had three nurses. John the nurse in the ambulance was very thorough checking everything. Turns out it was low blood pressure and dehydration. Got an IV drip and medication and I am now hale and hearty again. Note I have had high blood pressure for 40 years.
I will just list some other things that went wrong:
a) I have had no batteries for my head lamp (ie torch.) like being semi blind.
B) Because it’s been overcast the solar batteries can’t keep up with night walking.
C) Credit card lost
D) Robbed by 5-6 young girls while I was asleep. Woke up to see them all waving good bye. More a look see than a robbery.
E)My Script glasses lost which meant I could not communicate phone or mobile add to that phone is not working at home.

Good things is I’m still here and seeing the beautiful country; the people the lessons I’m learning.
Life is beautiful enjoy it

Resumed on 1st March 2015

What a first week of resuming the walk. Some of hard to believe mostly caused by my own carelessness and being in two minds about continuing. The two mindedness is mainly about leaving MaryEllen on he own while sh is still grieving. Even with her reassuring me many times; I’m still left with the feeling that something’s wrong about it.
While she seems to be in a bit of dilemma between encouraging me to follow my dream and not wanting me to feel that I am not valued at home.
As usual I remember Carlos Castaneda words a. Where two paths diverge follow the path with a heart. Easier said than done when both paths are heart paths.

What a week Ken Hendricks picked me up from home in Fremantle he had a long trailer so we got of to a great start by leading him up a blind alley where it took half an hour manoeuvre out. Then back onto the Canning Highway then left at Midland. All the way to Karratha 1880 mms with only 2-3 pit stops Ken had prepared food and drinks for the whole journey ( He’s not only patience but wise). We left 3.30 am and arrived at 8.15 pm. I felt safe and comfortable all the way ; something to be said to not walking.

Fran prepared us a delicious meal and a beautiful red; life’s good on the road. We stayed overnight then Ken drove me onto Broome. We arrived 4.30 in Broome where the Broome Men’s Shed met us; Ken and I had a meal with Clive and Christine. Clive is the President of the Broome Mens Shed. Christine cooked a a beautiful vegetarian meal and Ciive enhanced with chicken. I enjoyed my Cheese and Tomato sandwiches made with multigrain bread.

Next morning Ken left to go back to Karratha.
Clive and Ted wired up and charged the solar panel and battery ;I was too disorganised to get Fran to do it which he would have done willingly befor we left,
Broome Men fixed the new pennant to the new buggy.
Neil Armstrong fixed the last one but it could not work the same on the different design of the new Chariot.
The merry men from BMS and I took of for Fitzroy Crossing. Clive and Eric in the back seat nattered together for most of the journey and Ted and myself on the front with Ted driving to Willard Bridge and Clive from there to Fitzroy Crossing. To Be continued Mike Pauly

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