Life bof the. road week 7 16th August 2014

Life off the road week 7 15th August 2014

This week started well with laughter Yoga great for lifting the spirits and raising the endorphins.
This week I had planned to go north but my healing has taken longer than expected. Ken Hendrick was going to take me back on Saturday 16th but I have to get a bladder ultrasound sat morning. Also checking the usual blood tests for pernicious anemia and thyroid etc. We should have a good picture before my doctor will give her approval.
Mountain Design visit proved to be of little use because I do not have the old spot device that was sold to me that was unusable because it was already out of date. Geoff is still up north and he has the old device and we need it to get any sort of refund. Lee did his best to help; thought he might have ordered me a new Spot.
Went along Hay Street to PaddyPallin who did not have a spot in stock but they ordered one and it came in the next day. Thanks to Tamara and Nettie. They gave me free membership this also gave me a good discount.
I have to work out how to get the tracking onto the blog so that everyone will know where I am at any one time. If anyone knows how let me know.
Early visual results on the ultra sound show a large hematoma ( a large lump of blood to a clot like me) pushing on the bladder causing my interrupted sleep. Will see my GP on Tuesday and she will set me straight, allay my fears and guide me on the next plan of action.
We went to see “The Seagull” at the Heath Ledger Theatre on Saturday afternoon while Essendon was playing those of you who know me well will know what a sacrifice that was. Despite that I enjoyed the play by Checkov although I left slightly depressed. It is supposed to be a comedy I guess the Russians have such a hard life it would heighten the level of comedy. The performances were excellent.
We drove home to see the wrap up of the game Essendon beat the Eagles by 3 points just as well we were at home. Lifted my spirits after the play.
Called into the Freo Mens Shed this morning just to update anyone who had time to talk. Always feel good after a visit. Thanks Terry ,Scott and Peter for a few laughs.
Which reminds me Laughter Yoga Tuesday; remember to laugh as many times as you can it is good for your health. Just another thing you can do on your own or with others.

God I can push the grass apart And lay my fingers on Thy heart.
Edna St Vincent Millay
Mike Pauly

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