Life of the road week 9

Life off the road week 9 25/8/2014
This morning having a procedure done to make life easier I hope. The procedure while approached professionally with a Doctor and two nurses proved to be a waste of time the aim was to reduce the large mass of blood clot all that was achieved was to take out 5 mils. The procedure was done with an ultrasound (to avoid unwanted punctures) and a large syringe I must admit that I was glad when it stopped as it was an uncomfortable experience.
Went to my second Transition Towns meeting. It seems we are all get depressed and immobilised by all the bad news, politically, environmentally, etc. This movement is grassroots and is growing from the bottom up by people taking small actions together usually with an element of fun. The main aim is about community action in our quest to move from fossil fuel dependency to local resilience. Get Googling Transition Towns; a brand new adventure.
On Sunday went to a great concert with VoiceMale ; Working Voices and a Timor l’este band with Bernard Carney always good fun and very entertaining.
This was the first time I had not sung at a performance but sat in the audience I was amazed how wonderful they sounded. I have always thought the best way I could improve this choir was to not sing. They not only sounded good but were a load of fun.
Working Voices are a choir with a social conscience and leaves you with a lot to think about.
Just been notified that there are tropical plants growing in the 5 mls of blood they extracted which probably means another delay. Will know tomorrow; another Doctors appointment.
I am going to see my one and only Art teacher on Wednesday he hasn’t been too well so we can swap yarns. He made me realise I was an artist regardless of what I thought.
Mike Pauly

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