Life off the road. 5

Life off the road. 5 1st August Friday 2014
My first serious walk we normally walk 7.5 kilometers to Swanborne have a coffee and walk back Frank and Cynthia did this. I was gentle on myself and got a lift back with Peta who is nursing herself after an ear operation.
The Surgeon on Tuesday advised me not too walk ie push or lift weight until the 27th August 2014. He also suggested that I get Metamucil smooth orange; which I have used for 4 days without success; until today which I put down more to walking than anything else.
I saw a program this week that described excercise as medicine. It covered a guy who was on Chemo and all he wanted to do, understandably was lie on the couch and watch TV and videos. Because he had no energy. His doctor prescribed a gentle walk and to gradually add to it a little more each time. It is also used for other diseases including Diabetes etc.
This is the theme of my walk; my motto “Ambulado Salvado” which means “Walking Cures” I use my walking to cure my auto immune diseases. Walking reduces inflammation, strengthens muscle, increases indurance, endorphins help fight depression. Ie keeps the little black dog trotting at a safe distance away.
Tried to buy new Swable tyres Mercers haven’t got the size so will have to get in touch with Yarrawonga Ski and ride where I bought the Chariot.
I am doing an Enneagram weekend this week end so this will give me time to collect my thoughts for next Tuesday when I give a talk to Staff and volunteers at Arthritis Osteoporosis at Shenton Park.
So this week is a step forward for me walked about 12 kms this week. Next week I will aim for 24 kilometers.
Mike Pauly

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