Life off the road week 8 21/8/2014

Life off the road week 8
Report from the ultrasound reveals a hematoma ( blood clot) is larger than a softball 12 x15 cm. Not sure what to do next; up to the surgeon to decide. Side issues I’m anemic and my thyroid system is haywire that’s a technical term. I have been tired and listess for weeks; I put it down to getting up to pee six or more times a night; the whole picture is a little more understandable now. I am also blessed with candida from the antibiotics.
My Doctor gave me a serious talking to about taking care of myself; that is taking medication regularly etc. I was given a B12 injection to catch up on my carelessness.
All this begs the question when can I get back on the road? The answer is I am even less sure now.
Love and Fear
There are only two feelings. Love and fear.
There are only two languages. Love and fear
There are only two activities. Love and fear
There are only two motives, two procedures,
Two frameworks, two results. Love and fear.
Love and fear.
Michael Leunig
Doctors appointment surgeon is going to ring me to make appointment. Looks like it’s too late to drain may have to wait till it turns to mush and aspirate.
Transition Town Started an education course designed to make Fremantle into a Transition Town and how it works how it enables and supports people to do what they are passionate about and what they are called to do. It’s about community action in our quest to move from fossil fuel to local resilience. I my case my passion is the health benefits of walking and the reduced carbon footprint of walking v’s driving etc. This movement started in Totness in Devon UK I stayed there at Giaa House run by the Buddists in 1988. Guilford has been a Transition Town for 4 years. My opinion is Fremantle has been working towards this for many years under different names; however this movement has a lot going for it. It will give me some purpose while I am marking time.
Wednesday Walk We spent so much time having our photos taken it left just enough time to walk to the coffee but plenty of time to get the world affairs Order read a little poetry and have a few laughs. This group has it’s priorities in order.
God help us to live slowly
To move simply
To allow emptiness:
To let the heart create for us
Michael Leunig
Latest Surgeon says too much scarring to operate again will have to go back into hospital again to have it asperated ; I understand this to mean they will suck out as much as they can by needle; sounds like fun
Love to all Mike

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